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    My current "goings on"

    Sean that's some sweet work, I've long been a collector of fossils, big ones, so your work on those ceratopians is amazing IMHO. I have stuff ranging from t-rex poo, to a saurapod vertabrae (the dino's with long necks and tails, for any intelligent non-specialized readers). Congrats on...
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    360 went toast!

    I got the same error code... E-71 Bummer too, i was in the process of typing up a post to get a bunch of us onto halo 2, and get some custom matches going. Eagerly anticipating your tutorial Sean... Heroics
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    Mmmmm... Gears of War

    What difficulty setting are you playing on? If it's anything below insane, you can beat that last level pretty easily. In the train car before General Raam swap out your lancer for the sniper rifle. For your other gun you should have the torque bow, there's one in the car along the left...
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    360 went toast!

    My 360 never had problems running hot. Warm during some games. during movies your system has very little to do other than spin the drive. Try it sometime, play a game for an hour and feel the top of the system. Then watch a movie, you'll notice the system is significantly cooler. During a...
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    Don't Forget: TONIGHT

    Couldn't the new aliens be armored brutes? I would expect new armor would be designed and issued to the brutes as they replaced the elites. I think they're big and bulky enough to be brutes.
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    360 went toast!

    Oh, I signed up for the beta, no worries there. As for the whole movie thing. I bought a 60$ DVD player years ago, It's been passed around to like 2 friends since i bought it, and still works. I kinda expect my $400 360 to be able out last that old brick of machinery. That's "bleeding-edge"...
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    Halo Pistol

    I definitely feel quite a bit sorrier for all those sleeping grunts I merrily pistol whipped in the h1 campaign now that I know how big it is.
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    Don't Forget: TONIGHT

    That was amazing, i was dying to see it with no cable and both 360's dead. Thanks!!!
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    Halo Pistol

    that thing looks ungodly huge. Do you have a pic of someone holding it?
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    360 went toast!

    No they're fixing it free, other than shipping. If they were gonna charge me 130 I'd just buy a new one and tinker with this one. At least I beat GOW before this happened.
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    360 went toast!

    So folks, I have been graced by the 3 blinking red lights. It came to me while watching an episode of Season 3 Seinfeld. So much for buying ST: Legacy on the 5th. So my console will be gone for 2-3 weeks now, so sad. I guess that's what I get for getting my console on launch day. Funny...
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    Halo War First Spartans

    I think its the armor before halo 1 the Mk IV. It's layered like crazy, which would make up for the Mk IV's lack of regenerative shielding.
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    Garrisons, Camps, whatever shall we call them....

    legion, very spartanesque
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    Chinchillas - After way to much off topic animal talk

    I swear some of you folks are outta control with the off topic stuff in the Armor section, take it easy :p. So without further adieu - Chinchillas I've actually had 3. one passed, two are still doing their thing. First Chinchilla - Bandit Bandit sitting Bandit wink Second...
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    Section Suggestion

    Or rather than a reference thread, how-to's, tutorials and other reference materials could be submitted to Adam for review and to be posted on the main page. I think that would be more accessible to the board members and guests. Just an idea... Heroics