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    New Believe Ads

    hehe not bad, I havent seen these on TV where were they shown? They got to show off the armor in the next commercial :lol:
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    Want some advertising at my local Midnight launch of Halo 3?

    Hey I know this site is mainly about the construction of our armor and weapons, etc. but since were allgetting halo3 are we an actual clan now?
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    405th promo video

    sounds good to me, you now me and a few of my friends have recently learned how to animate 3d, and my brother knows how to hack an iso file to get the halo 3d models...if you want we could try doing a Haloidish type video :whistle: only problem is that it will take quite some time to animate...
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    The Holy Helmets of Halo

    Spartan: EVA,Ninja, and scout all look sweet :lol: Btw correct me if I'm wrong but the elites sided with the USNC ever since theyve been kicked from the Covenant forces, along with their hunter brethren right? The reason I ask is because the scout helmet looks veeery similar to the hunters...
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    I am very new to this site (hehe post count like 5) but I have read quite a bit of these topics and well too be honest i don't sympathize with you. For one your a new member and all new members in any forum have to go up the totem pole secondly, its neither Adams nor anyone else fault that a...
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    What is this armor called!?

    ok ill search those then, thanx leading spartan :lol: :cautious: wow now that i think about it i dont even know how im gonna get such large visors... oh well time to work
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    What is this armor called!?

    does anyone know what the helmet is, and also im looking for refernce pictures so i can start my creation. Thanks Much everyone.
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    "new" one question for all

    i think he meant a man gets mad if he doesn't receive an answer for two days. and like leading spartan said, just go ask an admin they should be able to give you the lowdown for any unsure rules ;) not to be rude but word for the wise, make sure your questions are legible to get rapid answers...
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    Interviews This Week : BishopX

    Hehe this is admittedly a fun thread, add me to that list of interviewers if you dont mind
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    AR interest... new vid on pg47 11/26

    :eek: wow Link that thing looks amazing, fantastic job man. I doubt I got the money for one, but its never to bad to ask hehe. anyways congrats again, the thing is awesome. :thumbsup: