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So ive always loved halo since i was a little kid, which i was when it was first realeased, this sounds super fanboyish but its been a huge part of my life. this site allows me to realise a dream of mine and thats to build my own suit and thats just awsome.

Enough ranting, Im from a country town and love doing things most people like me do, i like gamming both computer and console, I play sports, I work out, I like warhammer 40k and mainly collect both eldar and dark eldar and i like peping files the ability to turn flat paper into anything is an incredible thing.

Thats about it i reckon. oh my gamer tag is Grimmjow espda6

i think i covered that in my bio.
Jun 15, 1991 (Age: 31)
Port Pirie south Australia, Australia
manager of a family business


... First we tought them to be silent.....then we taught them how to be Spartans ....- Catherine Halsey
Gamertag: grimmjow espda6. Venator w.i.p