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    Dear 405th, I am very disappointed in the behavior and reactions of both staff and members regarding a matter that occurred today... I have been a member for a very long time (though I haven't been as active as I would have liked due to college.) and I was looking forward to getting back into...
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    I Quit

    Yet you site a "legal" section of the terms and conditions? You are dismissing your own argument Art...
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    I Quit

    You have gone and proven my point Art. myself being a college graduate and having taken a few classes involving law and contracts a contract cannot remove the rights of (or the power over) a person's property (intellectual or otherwise) without relinquishing ALL OWNERSHIP of said property. if...
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    I Quit

    This entire thread is drastically escalating out of control... Art I understand your wanting to maintain the stability and supply of a unified archive however a blanket statement of the like listed in section is not binding nor enforceable, it is merely a way maintaining a proper forum an as...
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    Props halo 4 weapons WIP

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen i has sure been a while since I have done anything substantial on the 405th. I a however trying to get back into the swing of things now, because i am going to be getting a little more free time than i had had previously. i have started branching out into the world...
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    Halo and Cosplay Library Program, Chicago Area, Illinois, November 12th saturday

    Re: Halo and Cosplay Library Program, Chicago Area, Illinois, November 5th saturday feel free to go through my threads and use any useful information if there is anything you don't have. I hope your event goes off without any problems. :)
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    Halo and Cosplay Library Program, Chicago Area, Illinois, November 12th saturday

    Re: Halo and Cosplay Library Program, Chicago Area, Illinois, November 5th saturday Man I really wish that I had the free time to go and/or just be a part of this (#GraduatingStudentProblems) I would only be about 6 hours away but I cant sacrifice a study weekend. If you need any materials...
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    pepakura question

    hey there chaos, I am not sure if you would want to try this or not (because it is rather tedious and takes a bit of work to acomplish) but something that I did with several pieces of my armor. was to: scaling for the most important size (chest = shoulders, shins/thighs = height, and so on)...
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    Deployment Application

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    Wanted: Tutorial Writers

    I know I sent a message way back when about this but While I don't feel I have the required material for any Suit tutorials I would be able to make tutorials on making Foam (polystyrene/EVA) prop weapons, I will also have the time to write and do an in depth tutorial over the summer. I you...
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    halo 5 spartan company

    Yes it is still happening I just hadn't had time to check it yet this morning. You are in.
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    halo 5 spartan company

    343 has finally added the "Clans" to halo 5 and they are called Spartan Companies. I have taken the liberty of reserving the "Midwest Regiment" title for the 405th Midwest regiment. I am not sure how many of you are playing halo 5 yet but if you want to join here is a link to the page. -...
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    posable halo live action film

    what are you wanting to accomplish?? Solid model is super easy. a functional model on the other hand is going to take quite a while. I have a lot of experience making solid models but I can't help much if you are looking for a functional prop.
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    Tips on build EVA guns

    I have quite a bit of experience with foam weapons and what works well is to core the model using polystyrene board (an insulation foam - like what FirstPick mentioned) here you can print out the gun on paper to the scale desired (i used this image for mine) this will guarantee that the rive has...
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    Halo 5: Guardians

    this is likely the section right after the Spartans were first issued their armor and the attack on the covenant ship that was attacking the escape frigate near Chi Ceti IV.