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    Props ventrue's MA37 Assault Rifle (WIP)

    Since you're using my pep file, I want to warn you: I really didn't have any good reference other than the blueprints Bungie posted, so some of the parts are probably way off (most of the clip I just guessed on; for the grip I really didn't have any idea how rounded it was). So, you might want...
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    homemade magpul masada (cardboard)

    Wow! This looks great for cardboard. I'm amazed you were able to shape the grip like that.
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    HD MA37 (unfolder will be needed soon)

    You have my permission to release the file :) Looking good.
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    what causes a Ddos attack

    And they made it look like Adam didn't have enough space to host the site :)
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    *The Official* Halo Reach Pepakura Files Thread

    I recently got my Reach Assault Rifle model unfolded by carpathiavh99: Just thought I would share it.
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    Props Rid3R's Blueprints & Models Thread

    Thanks to carpathiavh99, the model is unfolded! Anyone else is welcome to unfold it as well. Carpathiavh99 unfold:
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    Props Nerf Halo Reach: Sniper Rifle

    Looking really good. I'm going to hazard a guess that the font is Impact?
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    Props Rid3R's Blueprints & Models Thread

    Email sent to both of you guys. Jeddychan, if you want, you can slice the file, like with your Sniper WIP.
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    Your Best 3D Renders/models (Pic Heavy)

    Reach AR Modeled in Google Sketchup 7.1, rendered with Blender 2.48. Thread here.
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    Props Rid3R's Blueprints & Models Thread

    Just added a new model, my Reach AR. I'll need someone to unwrap it for me in Pepakura 3, pm me for the link to the *.obj file. edit: Both Jeddychan and Brandon McClain have offered to unwrap it.
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    Props Reach Nerf Assault Rifle -- Wip

    The actual one in the gun, not the spare.
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    Is This An Ok Respirator?

    It looks OK to me, but you probably want to think about why someone would be selling a respirator on eBay for $10. It could be faulty.
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    Props Reach Nerf Assault Rifle -- Wip

    Great idea! I was wondering about the magazine though - how will you get it out of the gun to swap?
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    Props Rid3R's Blueprints & Models Thread

    Rid3r's Blueprints & Models Thread | New Reach AR Model Hey, guys. Haven't been on in a while (I think it's been a year). I'm going to post my complete and in-progress graphic works here. Note: You can't redistribute these files without my permission! Hotlinking (using the links I have...
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    Xbox 360 Account Restrictions

    So, yesterday I decided to download the X-Men Origins demo off of the Game Marketplace. But, when I tried to download it a message popped up telling me that the content was restricted by my account settings. So, I made sure in the Family Settings that the restriction was at All Games, and...