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    Is there anyway to send you beer, these stls are incredible
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    HEADCOUNT for Halo Outpost Discovery

    safe travels everyone
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    Canadian 405th Member Bios

    Operative ID: Rinzlerr_, Apertureprops, Aperture Industries Affiliation: n/a Rank: potato, sharp shooter 405th DIN (If Issued): n/a Call Sign: n/a Armour System Status: ODST Instagram/Facebook/Other Pages: apertureprops, apertureindustries Years Cosplaying: One Short Bio: Photographer...
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    Thor Ragnarok Shield w/ mini smoke machines & lights

    snack and wallet box was a nice touch
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    - Hall of Honor - Post Pics of your finished armor/weapons

    It's a satisfying feeling when an entire patio starts staring at you and wanting photos
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    - Hall of Honor - Post Pics of your finished armor/weapons

    Finally got the paint done on the odst. Onto the next build photos by : officialkikizombieface
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    Pepakura/Model Requests: Second Edition

    perfect thanks :)
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    Halo 4/5 master chief armor high poly 3d printeble for you!

    Welp think I found my future project. Good lord the work on these is incredible
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    Pepakura/Model Requests: Second Edition

    Yeah I've been looking around, been scanning the armory files. Noticed the foam has huge differences to the stls Halo 3: ODST - UNSC ODST I'm not sure how to go about this since I'm terrible with 3d modeling software lol
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    Pepakura/Model Requests: Second Edition

    stuck on finding an odst chestplate right now, anyone developing one right now?
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    Halo 5 Centurion foam build [and possibly 3d printed]

    status wise on the printer I'm 3/4 of having all the money. then it's time to get meme-y parents have a sewing machine I can use too so its time to learn that next
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    Canadian Regiment [Delta Battalion] (Courtenay, BC) - CoVaCon 2019

    that entire weekend went by like a blur. snuck in some hdr shots of the booth and the buckets