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    Bondo Day!

    Man I grew up in Cloverdale. Anyways I dig the work, it's like an awesome wood carving. I have the tools, it's really not a lot of effort. The glass work if you know what your doing and you prep your cloth before you apply resin you can keep every detail and have a solid base for your bondo.
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    Savvytanks Odst

    Looks great! I do some finish work after I resin and fiberglass and I can see how you can get away without bondo.
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    Bondo Day!

    No totally done on purpose. Check out my gallery and I have done it this way for three helmets, I dig the mohawk look. I Fiberglassed it for sure I don't skip steps.
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    Would This Work

    The recipe seems good. I want to get into plastic-forming for pre-molds using fiber glass and could use this for the master.
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    Bondo Day!

    It may have been a little much, but my bondo file took it off in no time at all.
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    Bondo Day!

    I got about half of it done, before it got dark.
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    Bondo Day!

    One of my favorite steps. I have gain some experience and tools;)
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    Pre-forming What Later Could Be Difficult Finish Work

    I used craft wood and tacked it with hot glue. After I rough sand the bondo, I'm hoping to be able to remove the forms and save time on the finish details later.
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    Progressing From Wow That's Muffed Up, To Wow Not Bad!

    I did reversed the folds on purpose, I like the mohawk.
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    Progressing From Wow That's Muffed Up, To Wow Not Bad!

    I'm all about the bondo body filler, I just picked up the rasp type file for the rough shaping. The red helmet is bondo with body fill.
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    Progressing From Wow That's Muffed Up, To Wow Not Bad!

    I completely screwed up my first master chief helmet for sure. I didn't put enough hardner in the bondo/glass for the front of the helmet,which i don't even use any more( only glass cloth and resin for me now). the second helmet actually made it to paint, with plenty of flaws but I was getting...
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    Started Mark Vi Armor

    About to bondo my third and finally decent, Master chief helmet (first two was a learning experience). Note the mohawk instead of invert.
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    Introduce Yourself

    Name:Bobby Professions:RLAT, don't ask Age:26 Hobbie:video games and building/drawing Favorite parts of halo: Stoyline Favorite halo: Halo 3 Favorite video game: Halo, Gears of War, Mercenaries, and Rainbow Six Vegas Favorite Bands:Pearl Jam, Gateful Dead, The Doors, Neil Young