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    Can anyone help? GOW Anya armor

    Does anyone know wher ei can find anyas armor? or can suggest how to make the current pep files female friendly. My girlfriend and i are starting the epic journey of folding our armor pieces by time GOW 3 comes out. I can start on my armor but before we decide to go out on a limb and build then...
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    Fan Movie: "Spartans: Tip of the Spear"

    anyone want to keep working on this?
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    magnetic attachment of armor pieces to under suit and other pieces-concept discussion

    i would try to use as little magnets as possible if your going that route. Long term exposure to magnets can thin the blood and even cause some minor bloodclots. Since your body has iron in it and other metals that are from consuption it tend s to clot the blood. Be careful. other then that...
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    Fan Movie: "Spartans: Tip of the Spear"

    with a swift downward thrust, a gurgle, and a snap, the grunt was down. That was the easy part, now the real fun begins. Spartan 391 was a new recruit, he had to prove his worth to the team. He knew that this was the chance not only to gain the teams respect but also to be part of the elite six...
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    One suit. 2 days.

    i know this is probly to late but technically if you took aluminum piping and bought yourself some couch foam you could build it in a few hours like 2 if you have a saw and glue. that may be the best way to go. plus its crazy cheap. the soda cans would crumble and i dont think they are 40mm
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    Fan Movie: "Spartans: Tip of the Spear"

    I plan on making a fan film by next spring. Id like to start a small kinda project that gets everyone involved here at 405th. I will write a small paragraph and i want the next person to post a paragraph. NO COMMENTS ON CONTINUE THE STORY! To me this will be a piece of film that will be a part...
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    RED TEAM: fan film series

    just curious did you see the halo legends? they have the rescue of halsey
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    RED TEAM: fan film series

    that is what i pulled from the site. Also i know. they JUST released another book not to long ago. I havent been able to read it since i lost me job recently. gott pinch them pennies (im what is left of my comp battery so excuse the spelling errors)
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    RED TEAM: fan film series

    on this note. there are many spartans that havent been accounted for out of the spartan programs. Many were sent to other planets and other sections of space during the invasion of reach. ALSO PLEASE READ THE BOOKS IF YOUR A HALO FAN. i pulled this from "SPARTAN II Roster...
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    A.I chip build

    looks good. i made one maybe about two years ago. but my dog ate it. I have the blueprints of the chip somewhere. When i find them i will post them for ya
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    3 Halo guns in two weeks!

    hey man this looks amazing. im interested to see how this works out
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    PEP'ing weapons

    I was just curious of some of the ways everyone is hardening their weapons. I was told to glass the outside, fill it with can'd foam, and other interesting ideas but it would help if you all could post a pic of your weapon and explain what process you used. This would greatly help me out since i...
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    Cog Armor

    i actually have the file for the anthony carmine helm. I am willing to share it if someone can find me his armor!! once i get a message about the armor i will post it for all to have!!!!!
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    chest piece with scratches (pics)

    AMAZING DETAIL! would only look better if a bugger left some goo on you.
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    Gears of war armor!!

    Hello all, I am in the process of making my own gears of war armor. I came to this site to make halo armor but have been persuaded to build GOW armor by me GF. We have been extensively looking for parts and pieces to make female armor, but we are stuck on the chest piece. We are either...