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    Location Shout Outs: Unity

    * FORUM NAME: rockoutloud211 * NAME: David Bruenning * LOCATION: Arizona, Tucson * SKILLS: Photography, Photoshop, Computer Soft and Hardware, Jets * STATUS: Rookie w/ Experience. (Done Quite a bit, if you need help just ask.)
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    Expanding Foam

    Ill keep this in mind. I didnt figure it would be a big deal to fill it with foam. ButI guess my worry is that the fiberglass wont be solid enough
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    Questions About Bondo & Detail

    Umm.. Honestly I would say use light layers.. but they don't have to be like paper thin. Basically I kept layering and sanding between layers until I got the exact shape I wanted (or as good as it was going to get) then I stepped up to a medium grit sandpaper (180-220) then I used some higher...
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    N00B O.d.s.t Rookie Helm And Armor W.i.p.

    Looks great so far. Are you going the fiberglass route or are you doing a silicon version?
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    Nice. Folds and Everything look nice and clean
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    My School Likes Armor! :d

    Thats awesome. I wish I could have joined a club of this sort when i was in Highschool
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    Looks good. I would really emphasize on how smooth it is.
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    Halo 3 Recon Chest Question

    Thanks I appreciate the help!
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    Halo 3 Recon Chest Question

    Ok So here is a qood question.. I am making full Recon armor, but.. the chest piece it seems is only the front? Do I make regular MKVI chest pieces first then attach it some how? Do I make only the back? Assistance Please and Thank you!
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    Attempting Halo 3 Recon

    Actually I used no tape at all.. But on that note I have heard that Fiberglass Resign doesn't adhere to tape very well.. My Supplies where.. Recycled Paper. Elmers Glue. Sizzors. An Old Motorcycle Visor. Bondo Fiberglass Cloth and Resign. Bondo Glazing Putty Rustoleom Filler Primer...
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    New Armour Tech Ideas

    Ha. I like the Idea.. But Having a HUD would basically be Like JHMCS for a jet. Basically you have a tiny projector in the helmet with special reflections.. That's a veryyy expensive job lol
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    Odst Paintball Suit

    Ehh.. I'd vote against it.. While it would be fun. I don't think that the armor would be able to take all the stress over that much time. Plus it would be a lot of work, time, and even a little money to end up ruining it.
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    Ma5C Need Dimensions

    While it sounds like a cool idea. You could be digging your own grave so to say.. This is very dangerous.. with or without experience, the slightest mistake and it could misfire. But To answer your question. It would probably be a good idea to make one from Pepakura first. It would be perfect...
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    Odst Buck Wip

    Looks Great! What colors you planning on going with? Original?
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    Mkvii Helmet Quests

    Yeah I would go with that.. Just use an tool that will cut a nice clean hole for the LED's. Then you could hot glue or super glue them in. Just be careful not to cut too big