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    405th Community Redbubble Store

    POG but there are no stickers?
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    Sci-Fi Valleycon 2021

    Hell Yea! Cant wait to see you guys. I'm hoping to upgrade my ODST in time for the con, but only time will tell
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    405th Digital Group Photo HOW TO JOIN

    I guess he didnt see the post on insta. I cant think of anything more Iconic than Dragon holding me, but if that's too hard you can just have us fist bumping XD
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    405th Digital Group Photo HOW TO JOIN

    I dont know how to move stuff in blender, but you know me so a cute 'peace sign' pose will do
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    Operation Mini-Spartans (Plush Edition)

    Thank you so much. I feel so bad knowing I left this for a year. Sewing is tricky and takes a lot of patience so I dont do it often, but I'm trying to practice more by making these dolls.
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    Operation Mini-Spartans (Plush Edition)

    Update 6: Finishing Felix It's almost been a year and I never truly finished this thread. I'm about to start another doll, but posting about it would ruin the surprise I have in store for my friend. If I blabbed about it to you, please keep it quiet Alright lets get to it! I find it hilarious...
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    Hello Space Son

    Hello Space Son
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    (CANCELLED) Do-Dah Parade Info and Roll Call: August 15th, 2020.

    Sadly I cannot go because of unforeseen circumstances. Hopefully next year will be different
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    (CANCELLED) Do-Dah Parade Info and Roll Call: August 15th, 2020.

    I’m looking for campsites not too far away so I dont have to rent an Air Bnb. My dad is letting me use the 11 man tent. It can house 4 adults and their gear rather comfortably. DragonDenCosplay will also be with me so we’ll have two spots open for whoever wants to join. I’ll also be bringing...
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    Build Thread - Chicken and Waffles

    Part 2: If you made some chocolate chip waffles then this is the time to warm them up! I prefer to pop them back in the waffle iron or toaster. You can either eat the waffles themselves or go the extra mile and top it off with a scoop of ice cream and various toppings. Totally worth it!
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    Master Chef's 405th Cookbook

    Boop - Build Thread - Chicken and Waffles
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    Build Thread - Chicken and Waffles

    Alright I don’t got a lot to work with so this is Chicken and Waffles: Quick Round! Ingredients: Pancake/Waffle Mix Milk Vegetable Oil Butter Breaded Chicken (Any) Chocolate Chips (Optional) Tools: Waffle Iron Measuring Cups/Spoons Forks and Knives A bowl for the mix Before you start be...
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    Sitcom Intro Parody (Due Date TBD)

    I actualy like that idea. I'll add it to the post