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    Borderlands 2 - Zer0, also Hello!

    Brilliant good work I've gotta say this makes me want to do this for the next project, but maybe one of his other helmets though I'll keep an eye on this tread for sure
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    Possible dmr airsoft/ paintball project idea

    Nice find I've been working on a similar AR project but that's a surprise I'll post up when I'm done :)
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    Grunt costume for my son

    ^^ LOL, second thought I had after seeing the first pic Birthday Party Skull button:)
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    Plasma Grenade prop in progress

    Little progress while I was off today Picked up the paint, switches and battery harness and brainstorming how I could make it stick to things just for laughs Unfortunately while I was doing some work outside I ended up getting ambushed and pwnd by killer bees, only on my leg, back and back of...
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    Plasma Grenade prop in progress

    Thank you all for the good comments
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    type of paper to use for pepakura?

    I've gone with MikyV, Vshore and Dairyboy on the hot glue usage For the little spaces/corners I just kinda spot welded with the hot glue, and for longer/larger pieces just a decent sized line, too thin and it cools to fast on you and too thick of a line and it might not sit right, and it could...
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    Plasma Grenade prop in progress

    It's late, I got work in the morning, but since you asked nicely : ) Lights on/off and a close up like I said it's crude Lights are just the LEDs strips for autos, wired straight to the battery, as I said above no switch/battery connector.... Yet If your wondering about what the body of...
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    Plasma Grenade prop in progress

    Just a mock up of a plasma grenade prop I threw together a day or so ago As of now I'm working on the on/off switch and also trying to figure out a setup to where it can stick to things When I have a little more time I'll get to it, I just have a mess of paintball gun builds and real steel gun...
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    Shin piece base

    Hmmm, I really thought someone would have used these in a build already. I got two pairs left from my old job so maybe I'll give it a go : P
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    RaideR6672 Iron Man Build WIP

    Man I was just watching the first movie and I never get tired of seeing the build process in the film and also when Tony first takes it out for the test run in the middle east The first suit looks great and I'm sure the war machine build will be even better, this makes me want to do a build of...
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    Your favorite Halo cutscene and why.

    In Halo Reach Emiles deathscene being caught off guard be the elite and putting up a fight In Halo 3 the opening scene and ending when the Chief tells Cortana to "Wake me, when you need me" after that I so knew we would get Halo 4 one day and my prayers were answered when the said it'd be a trilogy
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    Modeling of the Halo 4 MC suit

    Just Epic, I can't put it any other way
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    My Halo 4 helmet build

    Wow From chaos comes order Patience. I can't wait to see how it turns out
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    I am a novice at 405ing!

    Thou shall not have access to classifieds. Yeah, you need to hang around for a while and level up to Infantryman
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    Rawr's Reach Armor Build

    Looks great, just keep at it with patience and good luck