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    My Assault Rifle and Pistol

    Hello everyone! I have been gone for about 6 months now but i am back with a new update video given that not much progress has been done on the AR but the video is still up so that you can see my progress. And here is a link.
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    Kingdom Hearts WIP

    Well thats okay thanks for the files though the full suit is just as good.
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    Kingdom Hearts WIP

    Do you have Ventus's shoulder armor for when he is not in is armor suit?
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    emile armor

    You can find Emile's helmet here and also the basic noble six armor (forearm, shin, shoulder, etc.) that is in every spartan III suit. i recomend these files becasue most of them are simple and dont...
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    Attaching a shoulder pieces together

    I did consider velcro but then i thought if i were to go to somewhere crowded then it might have a possibility of falling off or i might have to keep on adjusting the piece so it doesn't fall off.
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    Attaching a shoulder pieces together

    alright i'll just wait and see if anyone else has any ideas
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    Attaching a shoulder pieces together

    okay that sounds good thanks
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    Attaching a shoulder pieces together

    What would you best recomendation be for attaching a reach defult shoulder to a shoulder piece such as a Mark V or ODST. I was thinking just glueing them together before resining or attaching after resin but i would like your opinions before i make any decisions.
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    Rhinoc's Halo Reach File Base

    i love your forearm peice its detailed but not to complicated just how i like it
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    Metroid Other M 3D Models

    This is really looking good i cant wait for you to unfold the gun/blaster or what ever you want to call it
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    Emile A239

    That was kinda uncalled for guys. I know he is new but come on not everyone knows how to do somethings.
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    ODST Armor by TO8I

    i really like how clean your peps are keep up the good work!
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    Halo Reach 3d Model/ Pep Request Thread

    i would like the the mark V sholder if it hasent already been made
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    My Assault Rifle and Pistol

    My pistol project will be abandon just because i found a better one that is more game accurate and the AR is going to be post poned because i dont have any more bondo
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    vv_7 ODST build WIP - my first attempt(picture heavy)

    did you just use tape on that helmet?