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    Project Exmarine To Spartan

    this looks amazing i hope mine will turn out something like that is that Cardstock?
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    Tutorial: How To Make Good Folds For Pepakura Armor

    ugh, can someone please put up some pics i need to noe which are each folds
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    Pepakura Color Change

    When i print out these .PDO's the numbers on the flaps come out in black, but the lines of the folds and the line i need to cut come out Blue is there any way to change this????
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    New Logo

    You just used Cocaine Sans, nothing special......... EDIT: and Trashco Font
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    Few Questions

    it seems interesting to learn tho. meh some other time. first i wanna get a Halo armour ready for Halloween time and this site showed me some sickk armours i have 4 months to get this done i have a few more questions 1. when i add Resin Fiber Glass to the Cardstock paper, will it make the...
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    Few Questions

    lol question 4 is not a question dont worry about it how do u make ur armor??
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    Few Questions

    Just a few questions. 1. How do you change the printout of Pep files into a cardboard helmet? 2. How do u create the "cast-metal" helmet 3. what is weathering? 4. no really you guys are SICK