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    Leekegan Halo Reach Sniper

    Simply amazing, I will never figure out how you do it Lee!
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    Can You Mold Pepakura?

    I was wondering if you can mold pepakura and I made it a thread so that the forum can learn with me. So can you mold pepakura once it is hardened with resin and you have used bondo?
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    [Done] Gixxer's Mc Mkvi

    Nice, that looks really good.
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    crackhead09's Fiberglassing Tutorial

    Thanks, this helps a whole lot!
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    405th Community Usermade Maps

    Really good maps
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    - Hall of Honor - Post Pics of your finished armor/weapons

    Watch this video snd you can see the phases of my custom halo Assualt Rifle http://
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    [Central] Moldmaking for newbies

    This helps a whole lot. Thanks!
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    Kamaro's ODST build (finished)

    That is relly good. Where did you find the link to the upper chest plate which has "Model:Nightshade" on it?
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    Props Leekegan Brute Mauler

    Very nice piece of work. I was actually thinking of getting into the wood prop making buisness/hobby to. I was wondering if you could give any pro tips or tricks.
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    Tutorial: Pepakura building for dummies (or noobs)

    Thaks this helped a lot i used to use tape but that didn't work to well.
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    My Custom Halo Assualt Rifle(In Progress)

    I am finished, all you have to do is go to this link and watch the video!!
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    My Custom Halo Assualt Rifle(In Progress)

    yes it is retracted becuase or else it would have been to long and looked weird.
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    My Custom Halo Assualt Rifle(In Progress)

    Thanks for the advice and sorry for stealing your avatar it is just so cool.
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    My Wip On A Mk Vi

    Looking good that is a lot better then I could ever do.8)