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    3D Printed Halo Forward unto Dawn Master Chief Helmet (Pic Heavy)

    How solid is that helmet when it's assembled?
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    Help making Tactical Soft Case from Halo Reach.

    I'm looking to make the Tactical Soft Case Utility from Halo: Reach as part of my costume. I'm just wondering if someone has a pattern for the case, or has made a pattern. Any suggestions or help would be great.
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    Help needed making an ODST Suit from EVA foam

    Greetings all. I was planning to build a Halo: Reach Spartan suit but right now, that doesn't seem feasible. Make no mistake though, I thoroughly intend to make one., but for now, it's on the back burner. So, because of this, I'm switching gears and making an ODST suit. I'm looking for templates...
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    Halo Reach 3d Model/ Pep Request Thread

    I'm starting work on my Halo Reach armor, which will be made out of EVA foam. The one thing that keeps hanging me up is the helmet. I want to try and get that squared out before I start work on the armor, otherwise, I'll put the armor on the back burner, and do ODST armor instead. I'm operating...
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    Reach Spartan foam build

    Thanks for the info dude. I just did a measurement and learned that my head is 10 1/2 inches high from the bottom of my chin, so hacking up my Legendary helmet is a no-go. My fall back plan is to by a dirt bike helmet and customize it to look like the Mark V A helmet from Reach.
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    Reach Spartan foam build

    How big is the Halo 3 Legendary helmet. I'm sort of in a crunch my self. I've got the templates to make the armor but no helmet. My head size is 23 inches around. If I have to, I may resort to the same thing. I wouldn't be happy about it, but I'd probably have no choice. I'm operating on a shoe...