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    Finished Hi-def Shin Piece!

    Well as of now I just have my shin piece and now my right thigh piece done. I'm not so sure about the supports but what I did to assemble both the thigh and shin was start by taking each individual piece and glue all the faces that don't require another part. Then I start to assemble one by one...
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    The Long Journey

    Excellent pieces. My friend is also doing ironman. What kind of glue are you using cuz that forearm looks extremely clean?
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    Finished Hi-def Shin Piece!

    Thanks everyone for your feedback. For me, I like to try and get as much done as possible in one sitting just because I can't wait to see the final product and I want to make the costume before I get back to school in the fall. This piece actually took me around 5 hours or so. I think its good...
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    Finished Hi-def Shin Piece!

    Thanks everyone. I really appreciate the support on this project. It really keeps me motivated. Good luck with your projects. I finally have a free weekend because I just got done with finals at the university so hopefully I'll get more pieces in to show you guys. Sorry computer camera sucks...
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    Finished Hi-def Shin Piece!

    As promised, an update on my second piece. Ok so when I finally finished and was looking at the front, it looked like the top was crooked and I thought it was because the hot glue was holding the folds at a weird angle but further investigation proved that it is indeed the way the model should...
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    Pooper's High Detailed Mvi Armor

    i hope mine turns out that good.
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    And It Begins!

    So I finished my right hand plate and am pretty happy with it, seems like it is the right size. Not perfect but okay for my first pepakura build. I just want to say thanks to everyone on the forums and I will hopefully keep you updated with my armor. Peace.
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    Cricut: Cutting Printer?

    It was just brought to my attention that there are printers that can cut things out for you. I was just wondering if these printers could be used for our pepakura needs or if they only work a certain way. What are your thoughts? Are there any other topics on this?
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    Introduce Yourself

    Name: Ryan Yoon Profession: Student Age: 19 Favorite Hobby: Sports Favorite part of halo: The Halo 3 Believe trailers. Favorite Halo: 1 Favorite Video Game: Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion or Guitar Hero Other Interests: Music, Parties etc. Favorite Food: Everything Favorite Finisher: Proton cannon...
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    Attaching Weapons To Armor

    I was watching the trailer for Halo 3 today and noticed that Master Chief put the assault rifle on his back without any attachments and was thinking it would be cool to have that effect with armor. I was thinking it could be done by putting a strong magnet in the back of the armor and have a...