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Hi all!

Been working on different itterations of my Halo Reach spartan for probably over ten years at this point. Pepakura in high school, foam after graduation, and finally started 3D printing a set late 2020!

I enjoy posting regularly in order to show milestones and progress and while I'm currently progressing with most of my work, I've got a lot to learn and hopefully a lot of information and experiences to provide!

Google sketchup has been my go to modeling software mainly because I've used it for so long and have started figuring out a few tricks to get nicer looking models. Ive dipped my toes into meshmixer and blender but they are both very alien to me.

Been to a few cons through the years, usually mega and comic here in Orlando and Tampa. Not been able to ever show up in costume but hopefully soon I can start making an appearance. Work is unfortunately takes most of my free time but once I've finished my first build I'd love to get out and meet some new faces from the 405th!
Mar 25, 1995 (Age: 28)
Tampa, Florida
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