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  • Hey , thanks!

    I understand about the time issue. Seriously, a craft robo? I assume some type of cnc machine, al la Craftsmen CarveWright? That machine is awesome, but at 1200.00 a bit out of my range. What one are you looking at?
    Yeah...I know what you mean about the helm. At first it looked really nuts, then I printed it out, cut it out..and did the "WTF ?!?" sigh.
    Every step of this thing has been intimating to say the least. Worried the whole time that I'd screw it up, and then again with the resin. I'm just takin it slow and easy and trying to do the best I can with no huge failures lol.
    Thanks for the complement.
    What do have going atm? I may have already looked, but I'll try to check it again.
    Hey Sabre,

    I posted links to the files I've used so far for my ODST on my thread. If you still want them they are on the OP.

    Hi Sabre! I'm Rhinoc and will be your mentor!

    If you have any questions please email me at ben@roofstomp.com
    Hope you enjoy what I have to offer as a mentor!
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