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Nov 25, 1984 (Age: 34)
Saint Paul, MN

Satchmo III

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    1. Lloydy
      hi there satchmo,

      i have seen some of the models you have made and they are crazy good! well done man!

      i was wondering if you could help me out at all. i have just purchased a 3d printer (makerbot replicator 2 to be precise) and i was hoping to 3d print armour to make my own suits. the problem i have is that i am using MAC and i have no access to pepakura. in order to print i need the stl files of the armour. i have posted a thread requesting help, stating how i am not looking to edit any files, nor take credit, or print pieces for profit or any commercial use. i only want to print my own suits for my personal use and interest in 3d printing.

      could you possibly help me out at all? :) thank you!
    2. reiseman
      thanks mate... was a great build[IMG][IMG]
    3. vidofnir234
      Hey! I just now found your concept helmets, and I immediately fell in love with them. I have no idea why more people haven't done them, but I will most definitely be starting one this Christmas break. The Scout concept, the commando concept, and the #5 are my favorites. Great work!
    4. spartansonny
      hi satchmo, i finsihed up one of your files and brought it to life, the warrior helmet. first completed halo helmet with hd likeness compared to my first finished helmet a mkvi for a friends son which had no detail. here it is
      I will be molding and casting this after i get some more supplies and my order of silcone and poly plastic come in. Thank you for the wonderful files you have made!
    5. NpManny
      Hey Man Great work on your models i finished pepping your Commando Concept helmet. Any updates on yours?
    6. Croc co
      Croc co
      Dude what's happened, your like fading away... Is everything ok?
    7. Jakkrit
    8. Mrs BlueV
      Mrs BlueV
      Thanks for doing that unfold on Anyas CoG Armor (modeled by Jakkrit) If you hadnt I wouldnt be this far in making it
    9. hyundai2806
      Thank you!!!!!!! Satchmo the great!!!!!!!
    10. MTL616
      Hey is there any chance you can give me a tip about my helmet i finished it but its all lop sided im trying again at it so...
    11. bigjohn9397
      Can you unfold the Prescott files I posted on the A1TD thread? It would be much appreciated.
    12. Shadowofintent
      Hey, you've probably heard it a million times over, but I would personally like to thank you for the work you do on here, you're such a fantastic modeler & you put out such amazing work, the peces are extremely easy to put together & fold & you're one of the coolest people I've met on here! Keep up the good work & Wort Wort Wort!!!
    13. Croc co
      Croc co

      Finished modeling a general elite helm prototype!
    14. Crimmson
      You just made my day with the locus helmet.
    15. GladeMorgan
      Thanks for the page visit!
    16. BLACKULA727
      I was just checking out your albums and I must say, I am truly a fan of your work. really good outside the box kind of thinking going on in your builds. Love it!
    17. deadlysinz11
      Hey could you send me a link to where I could download the Pep file for the noble helmet you are working on?

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    Nov 25, 1984 (Age: 34)
    Saint Paul, MN
    New to the armor-making hobby as of my join date (2011-01-30)

    Running, bicycling, drawing, gaming


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