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  • hi there satchmo,

    i have seen some of the models you have made and they are crazy good! well done man!

    i was wondering if you could help me out at all. i have just purchased a 3d printer (makerbot replicator 2 to be precise) and i was hoping to 3d print armour to make my own suits. the problem i have is that i am using MAC and i have no access to pepakura. in order to print i need the stl files of the armour. i have posted a thread requesting help, stating how i am not looking to edit any files, nor take credit, or print pieces for profit or any commercial use. i only want to print my own suits for my personal use and interest in 3d printing.

    could you possibly help me out at all? :) thank you!
    Hey! I just now found your concept helmets, and I immediately fell in love with them. I have no idea why more people haven't done them, but I will most definitely be starting one this Christmas break. The Scout concept, the commando concept, and the #5 are my favorites. Great work!
    hi satchmo, i finsihed up one of your files and brought it to life, the warrior helmet. first completed halo helmet with hd likeness compared to my first finished helmet a mkvi for a friends son which had no detail. here it is
    Hey Man Great work on your models i finished pepping your Commando Concept helmet. Any updates on yours?
    Thanks for doing that unfold on Anyas CoG Armor (modeled by Jakkrit) If you hadnt I wouldnt be this far in making it
    Hey is there any chance you can give me a tip about my helmet i finished it but its all lop sided im trying again at it so...
    Hey, you've probably heard it a million times over, but I would personally like to thank you for the work you do on here, you're such a fantastic modeler & you put out such amazing work, the peces are extremely easy to put together & fold & you're one of the coolest people I've met on here! Keep up the good work & Wort Wort Wort!!!
    I was just checking out your albums and I must say, I am truly a fan of your work. really good outside the box kind of thinking going on in your builds. Love it!
    Hey could you send me a link to where I could download the Pep file for the noble helmet you are working on?

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