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  • Sweet thanks! I think I will do it but got to finish my spartan armor know what I mean. XD But I will totally ask you when I start making it thanks dude! ^_^
    Cool! I think maybe when my spartan Armour is done I'll do so ODST or at least the helmet!
    Sweet hope you can go! I'm working on my armour for Balticon this year BTW if you have a gravity hammer file could you let me know? Mum wants a gravity hammer she is a big time gamer. XD
    well i might get the chance to go this year all i got to do is hurry up and build a suit and get a ticket and my bud will let me tag allong
    Ummmmm so I can't find you (I'm really bad at navigating facebook and stuff) it might be better if you find me first O///O
    Yeah me nether XD Hey scar do you have a FB by chance? I plan to post pics on FB of my WIP Armour cause its not real if its not on the internet XD so I wanted some pointers on my Armour and wanted to know if you could take a look and tell me what you think maybe? I have not resiened BTW I wanted all the Armour done first before doing that so just let me know thanks!

    51 kurt
    sadly no I think the only one I know of is halo fest I wish there were more I knew of closer to me as well sorry.
    Hmmm IDK y but so far I've only found one con in like 10 pages (near Iowa) its a freaking needle in a hey stack it was something like trekfest con about star trek but 1 in 10 pages this will take a lil bit of time although i think i may of found the single most amazing con ever in Seattle called geek girl con it looked amazing TT^TT LOL but ill see what i can do for u did u want to go to any sort of con in particular?
    Where do u live i live in fburg depending on where u live i might be able to find u a con near u. ^_^
    OK thanks! I just got back from a con other wise i would of responded sooner i got a soa one shot one kill sheath knife really nice! i was hoping my dealer last year was there he was selling UNSC magnum but i didnt get it (other than lack of funds) but cause he also said he was getting a spartan version (cause there's a lil diff in the pistols for marine and spartan) I was bummed he wasnt there.
    OK yeah I'm working on a star killer and Anakin ROTS hilt so umm one more do u know where to find a scout chest piece for the scout Armour i plan on posting pics soon of my Armour so far but all i have r the shoulders helmet hands and thighs pepakura isn't working with me right now and when ever i try to scale down the print i either prints a 100% black page or the lines don't show up so help please and sorry for all the questions i'm only 15 so i have a hard time with pepakura cause i got school and stuff and i'm like 5 foot 2 small for my age cause i had cancer so pepakura doesn't want to work with how far i scale down XD But thank you so very much on answering all my questions! i am really greatful!!!!
    Hey I had another question not for Halo Armour but do you know anything bout lightsabers? IK its a longshot but i'm trying to build a certain one and I need a little help with the pieces like what there called and where i might be able to get them?

    -51 Kurt
    Hey sorry haven't been on in a really long while but thanks soooooo much dude you have been a tremendous help!!!!!!

    -51 kurt
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been following the halo adventure for never and now im making armor couldn't ask for a better life

making halo armor and dominating on reach
December 17
Red Oak, IA
Internet Tech
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Hey guys this is my first documented build
I hope you guys like it