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  • Ask Sean Bradley, he's great to work with, gave me what I last posted on my security thread ;D you'll have to go look and see. His E-mail is orders@costumedork.com, you should get in touch with him
    Well yeah you could make the whole thing a visor but tint doesn't go around curves very well, if at all, most people use a spray on tint, which works ok, but it blocks out visibility quite a bit. I'm planning on vac forming my visor once my mold is completed, but I have to make the mothermold around my silicone.
    I have to finish the shin and both gauntlets. They're both pepped, they just need smoothed and painted. But I have an english paper in the way.
    yes I can see out of my visor, it's very inhibited, but I cut the holes of the eyes and mouth of the skull out and replaced that area with a visor
    What about a library? Try downloading pep designer and the files you want to a usb drive, then take it to a library or a friends house and open run it from the drive on their computer.
    A 360 laptop? That would be awesome. I'm attempting to get my armor done for a halloween party on Saturday, but college is making it difficult.
    Oh you know... scrambling to get my suit finished. What's up with you?
    oh nice man, well that's good and yeah school is also getting in the wasy for my build
    btw if you ever need help with all the parts on the inside of the xbox, i know then because i have taken apart both my xbox for rrod repair (done myself, not trying to brag xD) and i now how to take it apart and put back together so if you need help on that, i am here for you
    oh yeah almost forgot
    the build is going ok, i haven't done much lately but i did make a ump 45 from battlefield 3 in google sketchup, you should check my thread, it is on the last 2 pages i think, well how's your build?
    oh nice, i don't really go on during the weekend unless i am at home by myself, my dad and stepmom don't know i have an account on the 405th so i do it secretly but my mom does and she doesn't really care
    ok i know that i cant blog quite yet but i can answer any questions here like how to scale pieces of armor for instance all of the measurements you make need to have an extra inch added and all of those measurements need to be converted into millimeters you can do that by multiplying the measurement you recorded in inches by 25.4 it helps a whole lot knowing this
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been following the halo adventure for never and now im making armor couldn't ask for a better life

making halo armor and dominating on reach
December 17
Red Oak, IA
Internet Tech
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Hey guys this is my first documented build
I hope you guys like it