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    Centerside's Armor Build

    My friend Pitstop73 just found hi def calf and thigh pep. check with him for the file info. And I think it's too short for your fore arm. Mine was the right length, but I had to cut the front apart to get my hand through. So, it's kinda fudged, but I'll just fix it with resin.
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    My First Right Biecpt Armor Ever!@!

    It looks right. But I have the same questions. My friend and I have been struggling with the scales. Each item he prints for us has a different scale and some things I made for me, will fit my 10 year old. But not me. lol That's why I'm ending up building 3 suits now. lol
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    Taking My Best Friend To Prom, And Seeing If She Likes Me More Than The Current Boyfriend?

    It may be a deversion. Don't jump to conclusions about it. And for Gods sake don't confront her about it. If she is she'll make it clear if and when she feels it's time to tell you. If it doesn't come up, ever, may not be true.
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    Check out Lots of different options, and prices aren't too bad for the visors. I have'nt found any locally yet. Plus I'm not sure how to mount the visor either. Any thoughts? I just found visors at Gold mirrored are $22.99. But you'd need 2 to get the look.
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    Introduce Yourself

    Name: Scott Kaltz Profession: Cabinetmaker Age: 32 Favorite Hobby: Model building Favorite Halo: New to Halo, can't say yet Favorite Video Game: Medal of Honor (all) Other Interests: Home improvements, puzzles, cooking, playing with my kids Favorite Food: Pizza Favorite Band: KISS Favorite...