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    Dual Layer Visor Mini-Tutorial

    Hey, everyone, I'd like to know about having a SCULPED visor. There are guys here who have to sculpt a custom visor for their ODST helmets, but I was wondering if anyone has done that, or will do that, for a Master Chief helmet. The reason I say is that with the traditional Motorcycle helmet...
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    New Halo Armors

    Sorry. Excuse my noobness. I just didn't think of using the search function at the time, so give me a (bleeping) break!
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    New Halo Armors

    I saw a bunch of advertisements for halo wars and liked the new mark 4 armor. here's a picture I also like this redux of mark v armor. So, does anyone have plans to make these armor sets into real, wearable suits? I think that would be pretty awesome. We could have a whole line of each...
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    Mark Five Armor Questions, Pepakura And So On.

    I looked at the file index at the halo costuming wiki, and downloaded the mark five armor files because I think I should start on that since it has fewer details than mark six armor. well, these files make the armor very blocky and polygonal, very much more so than in the game(even though the...
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    A New Idea: Carbon Fiber Reinforcement!

    I had a great idea(at least I think it's great.). How about after a layer or two of fiberglass on the inside of the armor, you put some carbon fiber fabric in there for reinforcement? I think that a few layers of that would make the helmet strong enough to pass for a REAL protective gear, or at...
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    The Rest Of The Airport Shoot Pics 70+ Shots

    Can someone please tell me how they made the master chief's undersuit in those pictures? it looks exactly like the in-game models and I would like to know how to make that for my costume. also, please tell what materials to use. thank you :)
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    Resining & Fibre Glassing Tutorial/How To

    I just had a great idea: To strengthen the armor to the point where it might as well BE REAL ARMOR, is to use carbon fiber reinforcement. You could get carbon fiber fabric sheets, cut them up into neat strips or whatever shape you need, and resin it to the inside of your armor. Hard carbon fiber...