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  • mate, if you plan on suiting up again and heading into the town centre in Nottingham. Give me a shout!
    yeah sure thing, how long did it take you to make it? i started my AR way before reach, like i started as soon as the file came out and iam still not even finished with pep yet =(
    If anyone can offer their opinion (In my thread below) on using a custom combination of permutations or replicating a character from the game for my first build I'd greatly appreciate it! :)
    Thread Here!
    I never changed the scaling on the helmet, so I just used it as is. You don't really need to change the scaling on it unless you have a larger head. Most of the helmet peps are scaled to fit people with a "normal" head size. Padding is your friend!

    By the way, your AR looks FANTASTIC! Are you planning on making a full suit? You'd do mighty well, my friend.
    It's not Pepakura, but i'll post the link to my foam MA37 Assaut Rifle here anyway if anyone wants to look.
    Clicky Here For Link!
    I also have the tall Halo 3 MC door poster. Too much stuff already on my door, so it sits on my wall right infront of my computer desk to inspire me as I surf the internet XD.
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