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    Internet meetup 2 electric boogaloo

    It went well on my end. I picked up about 7pm and hosted till 10 MST but Angus did the brunt of the meeting.
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    Free Mark VI Armor Project in Utah

    Sean Anwalt got anyone you kniw or can go pick up? Dont want to let all that hard work go to waste! It looks good!
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    Denver Pop Culture Convention 2020

    Sorry to say gentleman, DPCC has been cancelled for the 2020 year. We will work on getting something set up for next year for sure! (unless stuff keeps happening in America)
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    Internet meet up!

    Wont be able to be there the whole time but i will definitely hop on towards the end after work!
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    Discord server!

    Bumping this up as there's a bunch of us on the Discord server daily just chilling and talking about random stuff! If you need someone to chat with or just want to join in on the fun then Discord is the place to be! A lot of the officers are on through the weekend and play big games of Halo for...
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    Kanohi Hau

    I was such a fanatic of Bionicles when it first started. I had all the originals and all of the gold masks as well
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    What's with the helmet mount ad?

    Ive been noticing that recently as well
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    Goblin Slayer, MK I

    Love this series and love the work! Definitely watching and bookmarked that info about the leather as well! Thanks!
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    Denver Pop Culture Convention 2020

    Just saw the news gents. Looks like DPCC has been postponed till end of November.
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    ODST/Spartan Build by MDB Designs

    Awesome Work! Cant wait to see that chest painted and up and running!
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    ODST/Spartan Build by MDB Designs

    No matter what happens the 405th will still be here! Even if you take a long break due to life (and obviously whatever aftermath happens from the carona virus) theres still plenty of time and chances to make cool things! Happy Building and good luck in school! ~Shadowshail P.S. keep posting...
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    Regiment Meetup, Spring 2020 Wyoming

    As expected it was just me and tomboy at the meetup for Wyoming but we chatted about some dates of other cons and being able to maybe head down to Denver for some of the summer ones to meet up with the rest of the regiment! Its a start!
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    I’m pretty sure I got scammed but we gon see son!

    Nice! Can't wait to see what actually arrives! :lol:
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    Regiment Meetup, Spring 2020 Nevada

    Soon Chief1343 you will be official :cool:
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    Regiment Meetup, Spring 2020 Wyoming

    Just wanting to bump this up since Wyomings meet is this weekend! Woot!! Hopefully we will see some new faces ans if not thats fine too! The weather is supposed to shift this week so who knows what road conditions will be like if there is anyone outside of Casper planning on attending. Hopefully...