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    metal armor

    I've been working on making an ODST setup on and off now for the last year or so and casting it in aluminum is my ultimate goal there. Been working with the "On the other hand, building up pep with coats upon coats of arcane mixtures and laborious sanding is also a whole hell of a lot of...
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    STAPLES saved my life!!!

    Just a warning about D-skins and things like them: they tend to ruin the drive that is playing them eventually due to poor manufacturing and warping due to heat. They can also wreak havoc with the reader because it adds a thin layer of plastic that adds more height to the cd and can hit the...
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    second half of the ODST video

    Dude, it says Thursday October 4th at 9:00 P.M. on the discovery channel. I am so there... EDIT, I feel like such an idiot. I thought the thurday thing was a halo movie not "Last one Standing" lmao
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    405th threads

    Yes I do if you happen to have it.
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    405th threads

    Well, tried that already only using the root image via right click/copy image and then pasted it into photoshop. The problem with that is that it is pretty low resolution (Pixilated) and while I can use that if I'm careful, I would prefer the high-res version that was in the 405th thread before...
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    405th threads

    I was trying to find the old 405th threads that were made on such things as the emblem, and various aspects. In particular a higher-res version of the 405th emblem that we had decided on for use as reference for an embroidered patch I wanted to make. I did a search and it seems as if the old...
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    Flood in Halo 3?

    I hope that the flood are brought back better than they did in Halo 2. I really miss the 'creepy' feeling I got from the flood in the original game when I first played 343 guilty spark, I saw the signs that something non-covenant was down there and it seriously made me paranoid to the point of...
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    Drawing for a Girl

    Pretty sure it says "Felicia <3" Sweet pic btw.
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    Elite Comic

    Bleh, tried drawing an elite but it's more complicated than i thought. I keep messing up on the hands and this is just a B&W one. Gonna take me a couple of days to finish so dont expect anything quick.
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    Elite Comic

    I had posted something earlier that got erased in the move to the new site, I'll draw something up tomorrow if I can find the time and see if you like it. Got an idea for a strip that I could draw or you want me to just wing it?
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    Jsut a question out of curiousity...

    Me DEFINITELY! I loved Starcraft and Starcraft: Brood War. I also wanted Ghost to come out so I could play it on my Xbox and was kind of mad when it was cancelled.
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    M7 Sub-Machine Gun*UPDATE, NEW PIC!*

    What do you mean you cant get blades because your only 17? I'm 17 and I haven't had any problems getting any sort of blade. Is there some sort of law I'm unaware of?
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    Halo 3 Co op Pair Up list!

    Put me down for Team 2. And the 'relaxing' custom game too. Not really sure on a character yet but I'm most likely going to be human. Also, team 2's playing on Legendary correct? gamertag: SpaceShadow
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    2 dogs 2 horses 9 cats 49 chickens
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    New Weta Warthog pic

    I want it all! :hyper: Too bad I don't have the money for it all.