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  • no probs mate:D i know what it was like for the first time on here its not a pleasant forrum but at the same time it is once you get to know your way arond it...
    more people should take the time to help others on here. i mean i am still a noob my-self in so many ways..
    but had to learn fast... and i still am..
    and good luck with ya build... so what helmet you using..
    as some are tricky, and some are easy...
    and to post pictures on here you need to start a new thread..
    and use photo bucket as its the freindliest apparently..
    i had to learn photo-bucket, 4Shared, Pep Designer, and this site all at once lol..
    hence the reason why the pregnant lady broke my EOD helmet lol...:D
    GOOD LUCK with yours
    usualy mesure from chin to top of the head then put 1- inch to 1,1/2 inch on top of that (in mm's) for padding. or increase by ten percent... you can always use thicker or thinner padding... good luck..
    my E.O.D helmet had an accident with a angry pregnant lady lol.. if ever i can help message me and i can see what i can do..
    c ya
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