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    Pepakura Requests

    Item Name: Alva set armor plates Item Source: Dark souls II Reference Images:
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    GenericCola's Halo: Reach Scout/Recon Build (WIP - Pics Included)

    i think it's better scout as sniper,it's bigger and it need to not be viewed, and the scout have the sunshade, the recon is more light so can move fast and with reduced emitions it can get nearer the enemies and not been detected by radars. so i think scout with sniper, recon with DMR
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    Dark Souls Pepakura Files

    do the elite knight armor parts and favor set. finish the black knight armor and then go for giant set and havel.
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    Recon/Scout Project Dilemma -- which generation to build?

    I'd love to have each generation too but i have no space for an extra armor...surely not 3 more!
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    Recon/Scout Project Dilemma -- which generation to build?

    i did an old style MK VI scout build. you just have to make something for the chin and then cover the open area of the helmet with something. it's not a big problem since they won't see that a lot and you can easily adjust that. it will even turn out like in-game since it's closed. just make...
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    Pilot to Pilot Uplink Confirmed: Gypsy Danger and Cherno Alpha activated

    Cherno is amazing! Please keep this up. I want to see more of this!
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    Questions on how to use the restroom conveniently while armored.

    That is an intresting thread after all...i never had the problem but in case. i have a detachable COD piece and a two pieces undersuit,it's very elastic and it's not a problem with the thighs. just have to take down the front and then i think you know what to do right? this is with a two piece...
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    Halo 3 HD multiplayer build.

    Great success! i'm still waiting for some photos but i have some nice one:
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    Halo 3 HD multiplayer build.

    ARMED AND READY! tomorrow i'll meet my marine and check the last things for the con. so, the build is over...just have to wait and get some action photos for you guys
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    Halo 3 HD multiplayer build.

    i bought industrial velcro as you said. even if i already had something in my mind so i talked with some friends and i created some supports. now the COD piece holds the thighs and the torso hold the shoulder pieces. here some picture of what i did: Here the two straps that keep the shins from...
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    Halo 4 Pepakura (Files within)

    The new DLC came out, please someone do the prefect armor! it's so cool!
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    Halo 3 HD multiplayer build.

    So. basic paint is done on all the new pieces...wait no i still miss one, the left forearms still needs reinforcement. i think i have a little piece of cloth somewhere..i hope so. the new pieces are massive and beautiful. i did some comparison pics on the new equip of my armor. Scout...
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    Props Halo 3 M6G out of wood (with moving trigger)

    Finished it! the trigger broke. the barrel now it's a steady magnum with removable magazine. BUT in the magazine there is a very powerful magnet! so now with a little work i did on my right thigh it will stick like in-game. here some photos:
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    Halo 3 HD multiplayer build.

    Yeah, i'll keep my color scheme. i hope to get better photos soon of the new pieces. but as i said, i still have to paint them
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    Halo 3 HD multiplayer build.

    Scout shoulder pads are completed. you know what? i'm out of paint and cloth. so i have just 4 pieces to harden, no cloth and no paint to finish the others.and i only have 8 days left. how lucky. i can skip the hardening stuff but i must paint the new pieces and strap them.