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    - Hall of Honor - Post Pics of your finished armor/weapons

    I don't know if i've ever posted on this thread before, so here are all my past armors. New one coming 2019.
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    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    Same to you good sir, hopefully i will have my armor made by 2018.
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    Tampa Bay Comic Con Aug 5-7

    Most Likely i will be there.
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    MEGA CON 2016 May 26-29

    Lucy and i will be there for sure.
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    EVA Foam ODST Build (Complete!)

    Re: EVA Foam ODST Build (WIP) Looks Awesome, great job.
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    How does one bathroom?

    This is a question that scientist have been pondering for years........ I think since everyone's armor is different, you're going to get a lot of different answers. I for one have to take off only my torso but i think majority of folks have to take off their entire armor.
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    Southern Regiment T-Shirt

    i'm literally going to cry if i don't get one.....and you KNOW!......the enforcer doesn't cry that easily.
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    Props Gravity Hammer (Very Pic Heavy)

    This is one of the best hammers around. Great job!
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    New Regiment Logo, Check it out!

    Cool beans, the more i see it the more i like it. At first i didn't but it's growing on me. Great job Asgardianhammer
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    Florence Freedom Baseball - Halo Night

    i would totally go, but it's a bit too far for comfort. Sorry guys :(
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    Destiny TITAN foam build

    More updates please...this is coming out awesome!!
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    Southern Regiment - Completed Armor

    Any idea when your going to take some photos of your QUOTE & QUOTE armor that happens to be under your QUOTE & QUOTE fifteen guns? btw......... it's fifteen...not fifth teen lol.
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    vshore100's CQB build (pic heavy)

    Hey!!!! That actually sounds like a good idea!
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    vshore100's CQB build (pic heavy)

    You know, if you keep making cool stuff we just can't be friends anymore lol. I can't take so much awesomeness all at once. haha
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    Florida METROCON 2015!!!!

    [/URL][/IMG] Ok guys so here's another big one. For all you Southern Regiment members living in or around the Tampa Florida area Metrocon is right around the corner. I went last year and i can say it is very much worth the trip with 3 floors of nothing but vendors and awesome cosplayers. I'll...