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    Custom Spartan IV Build Thread - Reach turned GEN2

    Looks like a good start. I think Cura has an advance setting that allows you to increase the z-step between the top of the support and bottom of the model. Could try playing with that a bit? You could also try the support roof setting? That puts a blob of plastic ontop the supports for the model...
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    Halloween 2019 (post your pics here)

    Haha makes total since now!! Duh, shows how knowledgeable I am In the Pokémon realm! As for your wallowing, ya heat and humidity sucks. Still should have taken pictures!! :D It was a balmy 65 here with crazy wind. 65 is super warm for Halloween in this area. We’ve had a few Halloween’s...
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    Halloween 2019 (post your pics here)

    Still love it!!! But what is it? Dragon? Kind of reminds me of ALF :)
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    Halloween 2019 (post your pics here)

    Hi everyone, I’ve been a little quiet here as of late. I was wondering if anyone else suited up this Halloween? If so, I would like to have members post their pics here. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and I’d like to share and see everyone else’s celebrations as well. I dug my chief...
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    He’s back baby!

    Nice to see the armor out again! Brings back some building memories! I remember building my MC about the same time you did. And bombing you with questions. Haha :)Almost makes me want to take mine out of cryo
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    A build for the wife? Where am I going with this?

    THis is good news!! I still haven’t finish up my buck for the Deadeye visor. Which I was planning to test this stuff. Helmet looks amazing!! hard to believe it is foam, it looks so sculpted.
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    3D - Printing Armor

    Check out the free 3d model index thread in the 3d modeling section. Bunch of printable armor
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    Foam Help/Tips?

    Yes try doing 2 coats of contact cement. Like dash mentioned. This tip comes from evil Ted, he makes some amazing stuff with EVA. The first coat tends to be absorbed a bit by the foam.
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    Timmy helmet wip and fibreglasding/casting tutorial

    Looks to me like you’ve gotten it pretty close. Maybe just little more sanding in the BLUE section?
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    Colonial Roster

    Hey jeff, I have a spartan ID as well for being deployed. S240 if you’d like to add it to the list and my name’s Dustin. Thanks
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    Halo 5 recruit charred

    Your undersuit is looking exceptionally well for a first sewing project. Anxious to see it all together.
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    Introducing Spitfire Company 3D Print + EVA foam

    I know I know, I should probably let this thread die already. 2 years? Amazingly the things still some what fit! So we’ve made a little more progress on Spitfire Company and made another silly little video. This video finally includes the Deadeye armor set. I can see these suits almost...
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    Your Halo Youtube Videos

    Well we finally made a new video with the Deadeye armor set!! Here it is. Disregard the cut off ending. This was just a test run of Lumafusion on my iPhone 5:oops:And that was the breaking point haha
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    Halo 5 recruit charred

    Hey! Great minds think alike!! And yesss...... give Ranger credit for suggesting it first! :p
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    Halo 5 recruit charred

    I’d try some heat and maybe hitting it with a hammer. Just stuff I’d try, I really have no clue but experimentations are fun