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    Mongoose Model

    That would cost way too much. ATV completely modded with fiberglass would easily cost "$2,500" if not more. I'm personally leaning towards the more option. As for selling it... Yeah you've never dealt with Intellectual Property and Copyright have you?
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    Warning : Mitchell Laine : Fraud on the 105th.

    Sadly, there isn't. Because people will always try to make a "quick buck" in the same way someone else will try to get it as cheaply and easily as possible. I see it a lot in my career field of Cosmetology. Salons who perform services they know they shouldn't for the soul purpose of getting the...
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    Introduce Yourself

    I honestly don't remember if I ever did one of these so consider this a "Re-introduction" on my part. Name: Chris, "Sid" Profession: Cosmetology Age: 28 Favorite Hobby: I'm getting back into prop making and dioramas. Favorite part of halo: My favorite part of Halo is that it did something of...
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    RoxyRoo's Reach Build + Undersuit

    Edit: Oops, sorry. I didn't see the other pages in the thread for some reason. Regardless, the foam technique easier to work with than the pep? I've been curious about it since I watched Zack Finfrock use the same technique on some custom armor pieces he was doing for a short film of his by the...
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    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

    I've been gone a while and even then I wasn't that really of an active member but all I can say is, damn. I mean I can't judge since my fandom of choice is a niche Sci-fi (Kamen Rider, Mecha, Armored Heroes, etc.) but I'm actually surprised that this site has this many bronies and I'm okay with...
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    What is something Random you have said today?

    "I have learned one thing in cosmetology school. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck it more than likely is a sl*t."
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    Halo Kid???

    Anonymous posters always pounce like a vapid horde of sharks on a helpless seal.
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    What is something Random you have said today?

    10-46 - Motor Vehicle Crash. 10-7 - Dead. Signal 8 - Disregard Previous Traffic. Dispatcher: #### Fire Units need to come en route. We have an ATV 10-46 with a possible 10-7. Dispatcher to EMS: Signal 8 patient is refusing treatment and transport. Me: Well I guess we're signal 8ing too...
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    What is something Random you have said today?

    I have moments in which I can be considered nothing more than a space-cadet. However, I don't complain because in these moments I tend to have some of my best ideas when it comes to writing or plots. Still, during these moments I have some random things fly out of my mouth during conversations...
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    Scaling Down/The Importance of being Earnest/To my Fellow Film-makers

    I've taken the time I've had off from school this week to work on my script for the series I have been developing and I realized that I can do one of two things. I can put out something mediocre and film it live-action and make the armor I can barely afford, have the ability, or means to build...
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    RoxyRoo's Chick Armor

    It looks awesome so far. Are you modifying it in any way?
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    Wow, I really should have lurked moar.

    Wow you said you'll be "harsh beans" but you came off more like you're being a Douche-McBlowhard. No offense man, but you should also look at the dates on those videos 2008 and they were all taken via a movie feature on a small digital camera. Of course they look like sh*. Aside from that I...
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    Leekegan Halo Reach Sniper

    The mock-up alone would of been awesome but the fact you threw in bullets, loading features, and everything else. Bravo, man. Bravo.
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    Storm's Halo Armors

    That is an awesome job.
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    Halo regiments by state or city

    Instead of making a new thread I thought I'd throw this out, sorry if I'm derailing or anything, but are there any members from Kentucky on here or am I the only one?