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    Rush to finish helm before 31st

    Been lurking here for a while, decided to post my progress on my pep helm so far. This is my second one so far, the first one was way too big. I think...if I remember correctly this is Danifood4less's pep...I think... Still got a lot of work to do on this though...lots of sanding. Hope to...
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    He doesn't even need to make contact to get in big trouble from the police, all they have to do is swing at you and they're gone. Least that's what my Criminal Justice teacher said o_O. But I feel for you, I've gotten in a few situations like this with my parents, the worst of which I was...
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    The Offical Happy Birthday Thread!

    Heh, Mine was yesterday :D Happy Birthday Adam and Caboose!
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    STAPLES saved my life!!!

    Haha, yeah I've got a case of those on my desk here, have saved many a cd with them. ;)
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    Halo prop weapons and street legality.

    Yeah where I live, I was out airsofting with some friends and we had the cops called on us and they came up to us with their weapons drawn. They were very serious but after they figured out it was just airsoft they were ok. We had full scale size and weight replica airsoft rifles and they...
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    New pics of my helmet ** New helmets on page 7**

    Really awesome helmets Sean, I would be really interested in more of the process that you used to create them, when you have time to finish that.
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    Trooping Pics

    Yes, I belive there is a sticky for a hall of honor for completed armor right here: Cool armor Rob. :)