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    Halo CE Marine Cosplay

    We've got no current plans for an official gathering - it'll more than likely just be a small get together, if anything. Make sure you check in with the Squadron Commander of Queensland to see if he's got any plans like a dinner or get-together :)
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    Halo 2 Anniversary ODST - A return to form

    I'm always happy to help, especially considering how much you've done for the 405th! My efforts are a drop in the pond compared to yours :) Hopefully we can sort out our unfolds and push out a variant to the Armory files that everyone can have access to! (instead of just using my inefficient...
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    Halo 2 Anniversary - UNSC Marine

    The Marine files are 3D assets, as is the helmet - but the helmet file is private, and can only be converted to Pepakura only with permission. I'd suggest not using files from the armory for 3D purposes (IE Blender, SFM, etc) - there are many ports and assets out there that are much higher...
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    Halo 2 Anniversary - UNSC Marine

    The H2A Marine asset came from Halo Online, but wasn't using the Halo 2 Anniversary marine helmet - instead, it was using a Halo 3/Reach derivative, which is already available in the armory. I have access to a H2A Marine helmet which was modelled by AbiSV, commissioned by Valkyries733. When I...
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    ODST MK III; “Halo 2 Anniversary”

    No problem at all! The files are referenced from every single image asset of the ODSTs - both ingame, and rendered by Blur.. so they had to be very highly detailed. Didn't want to skimp out on anything, at all! Once myself or someone else unfolds the shinguard, that would have it be eligible...
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    Halo CE Marine Cosplay

    Very cool work! Will be great to see another Aussie marine amongst the rest of us! :D Do you plan on taking it to any cons upcoming? The Australian Regiment will likely be having a big Halo meet at PAXAUS (10th anniversary of Halo 3: ODST), and would be cool to have you there with us! I also...
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    ODST MK III; “Halo 2 Anniversary”

    OTSDerpy, I apologise for not seeing this thread sooner! I feel like a right idiot. I commissioned AbiSV to construct the 3D model of the H2A ODST armor - I've had the unfolds ready to upload to the armory archive, but I've developed terrible memory in the past few years and I just keep...
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    Australian Regiment; Member Questionnaire

    Good evening all! I've linked a questionnaire below for all Australian members (plus any who may not have been properly introduced into the regiment yet). Please fill it out ASAP! Australian Regiment; Member Questionnaire Cheers, Sierra 107
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    Just gonna chuck my two cents in here as an egotistical Halo lore maniac :p As ReClaimer8015 pointed out, the Flood actively chooses its victims - the Forerunners during the 100,000 year war against the Flood spent hundreds of years experimenting not just on themselves, but on Humans to find a...
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    Halo 2: Anniversary - ODST build

    So, while I was working on my custom Mark IV, I had a realisation that the 405th does not actually posess any up to date files of the Halo 2 ODSTs. Luckily, with the help of the Master Chief Collection - I enlisted the help of AbiSV (whose files I was using for the custom Mark IV) and...
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    Props dossier help

    Here's Side A for you - I didn't have time to put in all the info you required. Sorry!
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    Regiment poll - should NSW Squadron have a booth at Sydney Supanova?

    Good evening all, There have been a few discussions lately as to whether we should have an official presence at Sydney Supanova this year. Our first official presence (booth) at any convention began at RTXAU 2016, and we have not had one since. I would like to ask our members, if they would be...
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    MKIV MJOLNIR - Custom

    Thanks! Wasn't my intention for it to look more MKVI than MKIV, but it works well. My mistake, I've had Carter-A259 on the mind and mistook his MK. V shoulder as the Commando shoulder :P there are way too many variants of MJOLNIR in this thing, and its easy to lose track of their names haha.
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    MKIV MJOLNIR - Custom

    Hey all! Been a while since I last posted anything costuming related. I was happy with where I had left off with my Poncho Chief costume, however I have decided to move onto something that I am more enthusiastic about. I am currently working on a project, the details of which I can't exactly...
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    Australian Regiment - Events Calendar 2018

    Please make a request for attendance via our application forms, or by commenting below for information regarding an event! EVENTS UPCOMING January: February: RTXAU 2018 - 03/02 to 04/02 ICC Sydney (NSW) POC: whereisdanielle Event Details: Additional Details: TBA March...