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  • Yeah I really want to make a suit...one day. It's on my massive list of costumes. I've wanted to make one since before MM was a major group. Lol.
    Oh man...I get that. I had an 8-10 page history paper due tuesday, japanese chapter test on monday, and all the costumes had to be done tonight. I literally just finished. Lol. And actually, I'm not! I always wanted to make a custom set of beskar'gam, and I can speak Mando'a and absolutely love the culture, but I'm not officially a member!
    Kandosii!! I'm lazy as well, mate...working on a bunch of last minute costumes for this week, you know how it is. And of course, everything just turns to osik last minute..lol.
    eh, not much ner vod, not much.. currently working on a Noble 6 suit, but no pics or page yet.. I'm kinda lazy like that.. what about you?
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I'm a blacksmith by training, a lover by nature, and a scotsman by heritage..

blacksmithing, fencing, writing, shooting movies, watching movies, designing (real) WoMD
Jul 20, 1993 (Age: 30)
on a little planet named after dirt, in a galaxy n
blacksmith, armor crafter, writer.