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  • hey i was curious, do you have any costumes or props laying around? I'm thinking of having a bunch of us from SJSU get together for a character sketch day. people bring costumes and props and we all do poses individually and in groups. i think it'd be a great chance for shooting photo references and video refs for later projects. what do ya think?
    aw too bad. but good you're going to see it. I thought it was hilarious...even more than the first one
    that really sucks! I hate how the education system keeps screwing things up and screwing people over.

    btw, did you go to the Kung Fu panda 2 private screening?
    Hey man, you gunna be at the SHM meeting Thursday? how's the semester been to you? did you apply for the program?
    i dunno. I'll find out... I haven't heard of anyone planning it...if so I may need to get some ammo...
    I can't pm you or post a message on your page... please change your Settings Options so that I can...
    hey! i was browsing the majhost communitiy and ive seen that you have a pretty accurate takanuva and tahu olda mask, are those pepakura files public? and if so can i has link?
    Hi, I can't post a message on your profile, so you need to set that up in your Settings along with maybe sending PM options.

    No, I can't really help you. I mostly only do helmets and the armor that I did do and scaled was a disaster.
    Have you read the stickies in the Pepakura section?
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