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    Elysium- The Movie (Hints to a future Halo movie??)

    I found the setting and design to be more similar to Battle Angel Alita, which is a manga that James Cameron was hinting at adapting after he's finished with the Avatar films. Battle Angel is pretty much like the manga version of Elysium but with more cyborgs and robots.
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    Original 3D models courtesy of fanproject Bionicle: Next Generation Modelers: Maphrox, Phantax the Storm Master, Warrior of Jupiter, OmegaLucas, 00dude00 and others Re-uploading these. I am not taking in requests as I don't have time anymore/modelers that can model. KANOHI: Akaku...
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    Halo 4 "Commander Sarah Palmer" Child's Play auction build. 450th & Stony Props

    Looking really nice. I think that the Commander Palmer figure is actually from Play Arts Kai, not McFarlane.
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    HALO 5 : Discussion/Speculation Thread

    What I heard and would like to believe is that while updating the armor firmware or whatever, Cortana also left fragments of her in there also, but then the ending of Halo 4, we saw him removing the armor, most likely to upgrade to the newest Mjolnir, but I hope that he keeps the helmet at the...
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    "Help!" for: Misc...

    I never actually quite gotten the difference between the Pepakura Request Thread and the 3D Model Request thread. Can someone please explain it?
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    Petition to build a statue of the Chief in front of The White House

    I thought it would had made more sense if there was a statue of Master Chief outside the UN Headquarters rather than the White House, Chief isn't American, he's not even born on this planet. Now if there was a petition to send a statue of Chief out in space.... lol jk.
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    Wondering if anyone would mind helping me in my efforts

    actually I thought that bear looked kinda familiar, like I saw paper models of him before. *checking* yep, there's a bunch of paper models of that character. Did a search on the Paperkraft blog...
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    Art Thread

    I got a whole bunch of Bionicle art, this is my most recent and best one, I'd like to think.
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    Looking for Cerberus

    Actually yeah I got one rip which I never ever worked on :P I checked the helmet and there will be editing that needs to be done. Like there's no eyeholes. At all. and my attempt to separate the head...
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    Cortana Data Storage Unit aka the Package [Reach]

    Thanks guys. I do have a custom Cortana chip courtesy of thelastdecade here on the 405th. Right now I'm in the slow process of sanding. I still haven't figured out how to make it so that I can remove the cortana chip in and out of the middle with ease but right now I'm leaning towards making a...
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    "Help!" for: Papercraft or Pepakura

    Because standard printer paper is too thin. It's really flimsy and would you trust putting something liquid on/in it? I don't see how one might be able to use staples for pepping but tape, depends how you're strengthening it. Resin, I hear many people say, will melt the tape.
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    Cortana Data Storage Unit aka the Package [Reach]

    Oh wow that is just plain awesome. I wasn't expecting plastic cups at all XD but it makes sense. and my cylinder isn't the tough polycarbonate but a more flexible one. I might havve to make it be able to diffuse. When I was pepping the parts, there was something on my mind about how similar the...
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    Cortana Data Storage Unit aka the Package [Reach]

    Another Update: Filled every part next part will be sanding and smoothing. I also went out to Tap plastics and bought a 2 in diameter tube for the middle for $3 that should suit my purpose.
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    "Help!" for: Electronics

    Yeah pepakura armor won't be good for airsoft. BUT if you really want to go Halo in the filed, Evike made this, a larger version will be released later.
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    New 405th Game Night

    probably Live * missed the game night* but my live definitely froze very abruptly.