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    Spartan Bike Ressurection

    It's been a long time since I've posted last but now I am back and ready to begin the task of moding my pep spartan to be motorcycle compatable. I am just wondering what everyone thinks. I have pics on my profile to check it out if you want to see what I will start with. Just curious to see what...
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    Fallout 3 Pepakura Files

    Wow I dont know what to say. It is amazing. Would you be able to post up the files for the armor too. please
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    Gundam Rx-78-2

    That is awesome. I still watch the shows everyonce in a while when i can find them. Cant wait to see the build.
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    Spartan Bike

    Right now Im actually working on new plans to create a DOT helmet that looks like the spartan head. Plus Im working on a way to manipulate the armor to fit right so one can ride a motorcycle properly. I figured if i could the plans right maybe pull that out for dragon next year. But if you have...
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    Spartan Bike

    The UPS driver did a double take and did a little swerve. Dont worry though I was only in a subdivision. I am currently for a helmet manufacturer that creates custom designs. If I do I may go and drop in thew design and Post those and let all of you know where to go. Because we NEED a motorcycle...
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    Spartan Bike

    We should just put together a team of Spartan riders.
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    Spartan Bike

    Thank you. When I was looking at what colors to use. I thought of that bike because it was the first one I learned on. So i did it and I think it matched up pretty well.
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    Spartan Bike

    I finally got these pictures done from a trip to my buddy's place. This bike is the reason I painted my suit black on yellow. I know about the scorpion tanks and mongoose and all of the warthogs out there. But I really think that they should add on a type of motorcycle to the arsenal. here is...
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    Dragoncon 2009 Picture/update Thread

    That came out really well, the ghostbusters and us spartans. P.S. Im the yellow spartan
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    Finished Spartan Mk 6

    Thanks I really appreciate it. I know it was a long time since my first picture post, but I wanted it to be finished before I showed it off.
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    Finished Spartan Mk 6

    Thanks, I just finished putting the visor in it. Its a metallic silver reflective. Looks great. I really don't have much experience with the putty for armor. But I will look into it. I am really excited about dragon con though. I am just finally able to say its finished and am happy to relax.
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    Osdt A Soft Armor Set + Guns

    Nice job on everything. The smg is very creative.
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    Finished Spartan Mk 6

    Hey everyone, DeadEye here. I know it has been a long time since I posted last. That chest piece was only the start. Over the last month or so I have been working on finishing the entire suit. Christmas came early through Dreads, thanks bro, And those pieces helped a lot. Through this project I...
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    My Mark Vi Armor

    Those pics look incredible. Keep up the great work. I look forward to checking out the finished product.
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    First Pep To Halo 3 Spartan

    Thanks a lot for the advice. I realize for the next few items I will do, I need to slow it down. On some of the parts I didnt take my time and think about how the folds are supposed to look. But foir the next parts I am going to take my time think out how it is supposed to fold and look and then...