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    Transformers movie...

    I've never followed the Tv series. I watched a few episodes here and there but could never catch on. The trailer with the Mars Probe, really caught my attentions and I'm looking forward to a nice CGI rendered movie.
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    beggining stages of my website

    I like the feel of it.
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    Spartan in Halo 3 Trailer MasterChief... Or Someone Else?

    Sorry to interupt, but bungie clearly said that this part of the game happens 1/3 of the way through gameplay. Defintely enough to for MC to get a new suit and earn it some new bruises.
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    Do you trust the marines?

    I kill them for ammo for sure. They saying funny quote but aside from that they die pointlessly to the elites. Might aswell extract their ammo to used for a better cause, like me killing the elite that would have killed them in the first place.
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    Halo 3 Registration ONLINE NOW!

    I've seen some unreliable pictures of a preordered copy of Halo 3 beinging pick up from a local EB Games™ store. The cover looked legitamate and yet I highly doubted that the cover would looks so plain. It was simply a picture of Master Cheif staring down with a gun in his hand with a MBT tank...
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    Halo Movie Poster Proto, or Fan-made

    It's a pretty good job photoshop wise, though they diffenite blew it with the HALO name. Microsoft truly needs to release some kind of ad poster to reboost the fans anticipation for this movie.
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    I have some sad news....My mom Passed away

    My heart pains for you and your loses. The only advice is to stay strong and don't give hope, for a new sun always rises. Death is a sad reality that we must all enounter in life. Stay with family and you can make it though rough times.
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    I can completely relate.
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    I love Full Metal Alchemist. It's is a great animated series, though sadly it was cancelled. They even made a movie back in Japan called, The Conquerer of Shambala, which was available on youitube and recently pulled off. Over here in Canada my fav shows airs around 10:00pm followed by...
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    How about a forums Halo RPG?

    Me and my friends are currently hosting a Halo RPG game d20 modern style. It's a pretty rough site, but if alot of you guys want to join I could polish up a new game for us to play come visit me at My name is John 117 on that site. (there is no preceding www. in...