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    Warn Status

    nope i got i think 20% from Sean cause i was actually acting like an *******, and the rest i got from another mod whose name im not going to mention because he was a new mod and felt he needed to abuse his powers.
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    Hi I'm 130

    im not being a complete ass about it. if you dot like my f***ing response then dont post about it.
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    Hi I'm 130

    post in the newbie section. its there for a reason. to help people like you, and to not clutter other parts of the forum cause of stupidity like this. ANYWAY, welcome to the forum , im sure you will find more than enough people here willing to help you.
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    Warn Status

    nope i dont believe it does, i also believe adam is the only one that can lower it. mine is 70%.
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    Girlie Halo Tshirt Design

    looks, well..............girly.
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    Aer9 Laser Rifle (Fallout 3)

    how much would i have to pay you? do you have the schematics for it? like i saw int he beggining you had a bunch of pieces already cut. can you list up dimensions and sizes?
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    Fallout Armor Pep Files + References

    holy $#!T this is awesome. thanks so much, ill post up if i get any of the pep done.
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    Favourite Comedy Lines

    your not bald, your just taller than your hair. the wipe doesnt fall far from the ass. i forgot what tv show.
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    My New Flash Program: The Ultimate Halo 3 Armoury

    awesome bro. this could be fun on the highway at full volume with your windows open lol. use an iphone and hook it up to your system.
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    Will 405Th Ever Die Out?

    never watched WWF or WWE.
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    Will 405Th Ever Die Out?

    i cant tell if you are 100% serious about this, or if you are just trying to say that it will never die.
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    Props Plastic?

    i think the easiest thing to do would be get styrene of a slab of foam, cut the general shape, and then sand down/mold the actual gun or whatever.
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    Will 405Th Ever Die Out?

    people will be visiting and joining and building until the real deal armor comes out.
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    A New Halo Cardboard Costuming Website

    Ban? i hope your not copying and pasting other peoples work onto your friends "site". besides no advertising other forums.
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    Custom Painted Xbox Faceplates

    maybe you could go back to first grade and learn to spell, cause i cant read a damn thing you just wrote. on another note, looks good bro, any chance you could do a fallout 3 one for me? paid of course.