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  • lol I don't have any costume any more, all I have now are the Mark IV andReach Scout helmet, a DMR and some other pep masks.
    Lol we keep missing each other. But yeah, haven't put in portfolio at all and apparently the classes and stuff are changing and the art history class I'm taking now doesn't apply :/
    Hey there, my studio and I are making a Halo movie from the ground up.
    I was wondering if I could use your Mark VII design.
    Also would you be willing to do a few new designs for us?
    my perspective doesnt look that bad cuz im a 24 years old architect, lol, i have sort of notions needed to draw in perspective :)
    well i cant really tell, cuz i havent draw anything from start to finish in like 2 or 3 years, only sketches and unfinished drawings on random paper i found in my office =P.
    dude you dont have to copy the picture, just draw a sketch first to define the position, and start from there using some pictures for da armor references, im an artist too =)
    Hey! Yeah I can do that for you :D
    But did you want the shot of me wearing normal clothes or my armour? Only because at the minute my armour has had all the strapping removed so I can fix it up..
    Unfortunately not. I spent the US launch cooped up in a plane, and the Japanese launch exhausted from said plane ride. I did order the legendary edition off of Amazon, though. Looking forward to playing it when I get back.
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May 29


Death Comes From Above