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    Sarah Palin Autographed Xbox 360 For Just 1.1 Million Dollars! What!?!?!?

    The Canadian who is selling this thing for $1,100,000 is a few maple leafs short of hockey team. :eek
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    Pyramid Head (Now A W.i.p)

    Wow. I almost forgot about Pyramid Head! That would be a sweet costume to behold. I gotta be honest... Pyramid Head kinda creeps me out! :eek
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    The Babysitter

    I'd have to agree.
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    Jacksonville, Fl Gamestops

    Yeah, if you took the drunk guy away from the midnight release I went to, it would have been pretty boring.
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    Let's Be Honest. Halo 3:odst Is *edit* Ok!

    I love this game. I wasn't the least bit disappointed. :D Bungie, if you want $10 more of my hard earned bucks, tell me where to mail it.
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    405Th Firefight Leaderboards

    I might be too embarrassed to tell the world. :(
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    Whadda Heck Is Going On

    No problemo. :cool
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    Ebay Lol

    I thought about buying it, but it doesn't have a hydraulic tilt body; its unacceptable. :angry
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    Have You Seen This?

    I fear for all of us. :eek
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    Does Anyone Share This Opinion?

    I think you meant 1986. But yeah, like I said, a lot designs from Aliens were implemented in the world of Halo. From marine armor to ship designs, it's definitely there.
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    The Babysitter

    But, I digress, I think this Halo anime will be pretty cool. I'm happy we are actually getting one. Years ago, my favorite computer game X-Com: UFO Defense was going to get this huge media push... toy line, cartoon, etc... but it fell through at Hasbro. Bummer. :(
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    The Babysitter

    There are bound to be fans of the different styles out there, but I agree in a way. I don't like how a lot of battle sequences have changed in Gundam. Back in Gundam Wing and Stardust Memory, everything looked so cool. Now, with the computer enhanced stuff, it feels, I don't know... cheapened a bit.
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    Have You Seen This?

    Nice. :lol