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    iron man!

    ive heard of iron man armor being made, but i havnt seen any pictures or anything. has any body started making one, and if so, do you have pepakura for it?
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    i whent to a nascar race once. it was okay but its not my thing. im just a punk skater.
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    Halo 3 lengendary edition

    hmm... im prety shure that there is some sort of game in it, and a halmet for a guy named master chief. lol
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    Making a suit for paintball

    okay so if you buy your own gear it will be way more easy. it just depends on how much you are willing to put into it. if you making it out of cardboard then you could just glue the pieces to the paintball stuff, resin it, then spraypaint it. but if you you want to nake it look realy good then i...
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    Favourite Song From Any Of The 3 Games

    the entire halo soundtrack is amazing. i skateboard to that music.
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    Whos gonna be the first?

    i use hot glue a lot
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    Making a suit for paintball

    hmm...well if your gonna use it in a game of paintball then your gonna want to make it real tuff. if you go for cardboard then you going to nedd to use something over that. i would use a resin or fiberglass paper.
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    Making a suit for paintball

    are you going to use it in a game of paintball?
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    Whos gonna be the first?

    that looks extreamly hard to make. if anybody made that and it looked good they would be god.
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    my first armor

    hey man the front looks realy good. and when you finish that back part it will look even cooler. i just finished my assault rifle and im starting my halmey now. im building it off of a bmx halmet and using cardboard layers over it. ill send you some pictures.
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    My armor. [COMPLEATE!]

    i used hot glue and it didnt seem to to mess me up. just make shure uo dont put tu much or it will get a little bit lumpy. and make shure you cant see it on the finidhing product or it will look reaely ugly with the paint on that.
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    cardboard help plz!/wtb

    by the way, you only need about $50 to build a suit out of cardboard. im in the prosses wright now and most of the mony goes into buying that fiberglass paper and resin.