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    leaving the 405th

    God speed young one!!!! May the force be with u!!!! Hope to c u around
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    Props ventrue's MA37 Assault Rifle (WIP)

    Very nice man!!!!! U got talent!!!
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    3rd times a charm

    Thank u so much!!! Really appriated!!!!
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    3rd times a charm

    Or an easy Spartan helmet to make I'm up for any kind! All help is greatly appriated
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    3rd times a charm

    Ok I'm pretty née but I have tried two different helmets and they have been total failure!!!! So can some one give me a link to the easiest pep. Helmet flie there is cause I really need to get my outfit done. So if someone don't mind to give me a link to the fastest and easist master chief...
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    Hey guys, (:

    Welcome!!! Don't feel bad I'm fairly new here myself but these guys r freakin alsome at what they do.
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    Noble Six Helmet [FAILED]

    Mine turned out very badly some of the folds was working right so I just riped it up and printed out another helmet. This was my first build so I'm starting on another easier helmet!!
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    Jackal Costume Complete

    That is freakin alsome!!!!
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    Central Kentucky area

    Is there anyone in the central Kentucky area working on any halo gear just hit me up
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    Introduce Yourself

    My name is allen I'm 23 I work in hell!!! Lol na I work at a feed store I love halo any questions just ask me!!