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    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

    Because you've distracted me from my build: I so want this game! My husband introduced me to MLP because he loves it. We bought our niece a bunch of pony toys for her birthday and were sad to see that they haven't made ANY of the boy ponies. Having boy pony toys would totally make the...
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    ODST for my kids WIP Completed (more photos Page 13)

    Those suits are looking great! Can't wait to see them finished. Great job! ^_^
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    Soap for washing off resin?

    I use paint brushes in my resin/fiberglass process and can clean the resin out of my brushes with De-Solv-It. It only works if the resin is still wet. If I wait too long, the resin isn't going to come out of the brush at all. It also cleans up my work area when I spill resin on the table...
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    Mroreo123's Armor Scaling And Measurement Tool

    Is there any way to change the height, width, or depth independently of the other values? I've got an arm piece that fits great on my wrist, but is so long the end runs past my elbow so I can't bend my arm. Any advice?
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    Kingdom Hearts WIP

    If the dremmel is tearing right through it, try a lower speed setting or a finer grit sandpaper tool. Alternately, if the bondo isn't completely dry, it won't stand up as well. If that doesn't work, you may have to sand by hand.
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    Thank you very much for the model of Aqua's armor. I don't know how to unfold anything and was...

    Thank you very much for the model of Aqua's armor. I don't know how to unfold anything and was wondering if you knew where any unfolded files were or if you could unfold it? I don't have the design software and I know you're probably busy, but I'd appreciate any help you could offer. Thank you...
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    Norwescon 2011

    Any 405th members going to be at Norwescon this year? It would be cool to set up a meet-up or something and talk about armor.
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    my first mold noble 6 suit

    Wow! Your build looks great! Keep it up, 'cause I can't wait to see the finished suit. ^_^
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    Possible method of making armor?

    Is that anything like wall candy? ;)
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    Kingdom Hearts WIP

    I Love You! <3 I've searched all over the net for these and now I just need to find them unfolded. ^_^ Thank you!
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    Introduce Yourself

    User Name: Sosuhno Profession: Doctor's assistant at a veterinary hospital. Age: 28 Favorite Hobby: Cosplay Junkie Favorite part of halo: The pictures. I've never actually played the game, but my coworker has been asking me to make a build for her, and she says I could make any of them and she'd...