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    Assault Your Inner Chief Contest

    email sent :cool:
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    XBL sig cards

    Hey guys, finally geting back on here and was after looking around im seeing all these XBL H3 cards, and with all the time spent on it my self id like one. Any here point to a place to get um?
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    Ok, who got married like this?

    I count 2 spartans and a spider man, Im all in on this wedding.
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    Guitar Hero: SUCKS

    I love you. :heart:
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    Detailing a Fiberglassed ODST helm

    nice, but it seems it needs to be more black, but me liky
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    Id say save your self the trouble and dont lol
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    Who got 300 DVD?

    picked a copy up a few days back at work, finally was able to take it home today, now to watch it endlessly
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    Licemsed MC Armor coming..

    Ive been trying that for years
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    Great costumes on youtube, like this one with workable wings
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    I know, double post, but didnt want to make one post to long, anway, now these gundam costumes take the cake and the baker Id love a really good helmet like these guys have
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    Licemsed MC Armor coming..

    Well he was doomed to get fat some time, with all those covys gone, whats a chief got left to do?
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    Licemsed MC Armor coming..

    LMAO, you made my day adam, thank you
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    Video - OOH He's got a sword!

    lol very funny, i would have died of laughter if that man crashed
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    So no luck with my original posted one? bummer EDIT: saw these on the interwebs