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    Bluerealm - Done With My Armor....

    Wow. I can still remember the day I first saw some of your work. The post was a million pages long, and all we had was the helmet with a paper towel roll as the stand. Oh, the good ol' days. Y'know, when I first joined, we didn't HAVE pepakura. We made everything from cardboard. And we had to...
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    When All You Have Is A Hammer... 5/3 Final

    If I had a haamer, I'd swing it in the mooooorning, I'd swing it in the evening... This project is so epic, it had a song written about it before it had even begun.
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    Would you say?...

    Well, I'm sure all the mods will remember me from my little... "escapade" in the hidden forum a while ago, but other than that, I doubt people will recognize me anymore :p
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    microsoft paint

    They're a very good start, but they look unfinished. Shading and a Background would be nice :D Here's my (Quite unfinished) take on Desert Brigade. Some of you may remember this from back when it this site was still Mjolnir Armor, and still used PHPbb :eek:
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    How to make yourself taller

    I would so do this if I ever got my hands on some armor. With the helmet I'm guessing around 7'3", depending on padding.
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    How Close Are You To MC-Sized?

    3 inches and about 50 pounds too small I'm 14 @CMA: He's a little over seven feet with his armor.
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    FX Plasma sword!

    Sean's is WAYY more accurate than that :p
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    Props Wow, New Weta Pictures

    Things I've noticed- BR55- The light on the side is a nice touch ODST- Visor looks too small SPNKR- thing on back looks a little big Plasma Pistol- Color is off Marines- A tad chubby, dontcha think?
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    Spartan Reference pictures *2048x2049 & 1024x1024*

    You also shouldn't use these for scale refs, or for the gloves. While the details look almost spot on, the holes on the gloves appear too big, and the hips/chest are scaled for a female.
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    Weird Dream

    I never have dreams about videogames, but when I'm walking around, I'll subconsciously look for and do things I would in the game, like right now, since I've been playing assassin's creed, I'm always on the lookout for good walls to climb.
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    Props Altair's Hidden Blade

    I've noticed that about the wristblade as well, but, if memory serves, the blade is out longer when you assassinate someone than if you were to just trigger it by tapping up on the d-pad twice, but I'll check it out next time I play.
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    Please tell me you are the same person who said that kid with the fake gun deserved to be shot, because this forum sure couldn't use another one of you.
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    this would be tight

    No, Sid is awesome, I haven't really talked to him, but from the 6 or 7 posts we exchanged, he was a really nice guy.
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    do your parents support your armor

    So you just popped out of nowhere? My parents support me wholeheartedly, and even buy me all the materials I need :D
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    Halo Wars New Concept Art

    I'm looking at the armor in the provided pic.