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    Double visor

    where can i find a good quality visor that will fit into my helmet?
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    Blue Team chat-prepare for the 405th!

    awesome,im interested in joining,me and a friend are working on armor and weapon props,but they're still works in progress,just tell me if there are any requirements,thank you.
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    405th Division Ideas

    the comic con ideas good,me and a friend are gonna go to the upcoming san diego con in our armor
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    Ok,me and a friend(hes on the site,username= slayer)are making armor for halloween,and were trying to recruit people so we can go to comic con san diego and fight the ideas on how we could recruit?ill have all them join the site
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    Master chief wants you

    dude!me and a friend are working on molded armor,and we wanted to get some more people,and were making posters just like that!
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    Hey man remember i have 200$ to spend man,we can make some sick armor
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    Props my Armory

    Those pistols are awesome,how long have u been making these things?
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    i need help with some guns .

    Im working on a cardboard pistol,you could get the proportions of the pistol,sketch on to a piece of cardboard,than put another piece of cardboard under it,and cut them out.Those will make the sides of your gun,you can be creative and use anything to fill in the middle.If you use hot glue and...
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    Props "legendary" combat knife

    Im working on a pistol right now,and for my grip im using rubber splicing tape,its pretty cheap, and doesnt look perfect,but just thought id throw it out there. :)
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    New pics of my helmet ** New helmets on page 7**

    nice..whats that made of and how long did it take?
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    Armor project

    i have roughly a 200$ budget,what materials and methods should i us?other than pepakura,because i have no idea how to work it
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    Making armor

    I'm making it out of cardboard,approximately how long will it take,and how much will it cost?i have about a 200$ budget