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    Ive had to restart on my halo armor, i was doing to mark 5 but the cardstock couldnt take the weight of the resin, so im working on the mark 6 which so far has been holding well, but theres a problem, summer is at the edge of being over, and im told fiberglass resin only hardens well in 70...
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    Mortal Kombat Mask Files

    Can anyone out there help me out? Im looking For a Pep file for Sub zeros mask, im also looking for reptiles and smokes, i find them but just as pics it wont let me download them or anything, can anyone help?
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    Banshee Pep File

    Anyone send me a link to a downloadable Banshee file, that wont **** me over? everytime i find one and download and open it to pepakura, it says there is no existing file
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    Energy Sword Pep File and Arbiter Helmet

    Hey guys im trying to get a pep file for the energy sword, but everywhere i look just shows me the picture and no downloadable link, and for shits and gigs im wanting to build the Arbiter Helmet, can anyone send me the downloadable links to those, it would be much appreciated
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    Mark 5 Back pack

    Thanks ill def try it
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    Mark 5 Back pack

    Ive made several attempts at making the mark 5 back pack piece and no matter what i do a piece is always getting cut in half by my printer, i readjust pieces on my computer and it still cuts them in half, Suggestions??????:mad:
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    Mark 5

    Ive gone threw the pepakura file index looking for a more "Detailed" Mark 5 Chest piece the only one i can find is the not so detailed version, does anyone know of a link that has a Highly Detailed Mark 5 Chest?
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    is my plan a good idea??

    I am a fellow noob at building armor you would say, and as a beginner it would be your best bet to use cardstock, and in my personal opinion start with the top of the helmet and work your way down, for me it was just easier that way, but thats just my opinion. in other words dont start on too...
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    Mark 5 Suggestions

    Finished look
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    Mark 5 Suggestions

    Ive recently started on the mark 5 Armor, ive completed the Helmet, but im a lil nervous about the outcome of the rest of it, any suggestions on how to make my armor look decent?
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    halo masterchief UNMASKED WHO IS IT ????????

    Read The Fall Of Reach it gives a generally good description to some extent