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    Wow, someone has a lot of free time...
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    Pelican in real life (Discussion)

    Please don't double/tripple post. Use the edit button to put what you were going to say into your first post. Thank you. As for the Topic, am I really the only one that noticed that the Pelican's wings probably aren't capable of keeping it in the air. They're short, and fat, and even look...
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    Halo E3 Trailer: A question of opinion

    It sort of looks like to me that he might be thinking about activating the Halos. To stop the Flood. But that doesn't seem like something he would do. At all. But, IDK, that's just me.
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    at it again (new site) *update for halo unleashed*

    Looks very nice. I'm not exactly sure why the things you listed under "Downloads" would be there... But it looks great visual-wise.
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    Female Spartan-458 in Dead or Alive 4?!

    If you read the description below the movie, then Monty Oum says that it is.
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    Songs Backwards-Creepy,Funny,Weird

    Dora the Explorer theme song is wierd too :shock:
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    Get free stuff for playing games!

    Same with Flexicon :eyepatch:
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    Marathon 2: Durandal Coming to XBLA Later This Year

    Yeah, I have that (Well, the first one- I'll get the rest later), But this will be on the Xbox Live Arcade. So you can play it on your 360, not the computer.
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    Marathon 2: Durandal Coming to XBLA Later This Year

    Yup. Linky Goodness
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    The OFFICIAL E3 'findings' thread....

    :shock: That's a lot of stuff.
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    e3 trailer

    Oh. My GGGGGGOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is absolutely indiscribable!!!! I can't even think straight!!! The New Scarab that must be destroyed from the outside, the phantom, the brutes, the gravity hammer, The scene where MC and the arbiter are...
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    Post Beta Ranks Here!

    I got to Gunnery Sergeant :$ops:
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    E3 Tonight

    You guys and your more-than-nintey-channel TV services :mrgreen: :cry1:
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    Get free stuff for playing games!

    Done and done :mrgreen: