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    Here You Go Boys And Girls

    Wow, thats really REALLY good...That's cool that it was made using Pep and cardstock (well I'm assuming). Yours turned out WAY better than mine last good job :D (return of Spartan1105..the guy that made the crappiest armor from last year) Anyways, I got a few questions (since I've...
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    Is anyone ever going to atempt...

    Yeah, it looks really really complicated. So has finished it yet, or at least started it? I know I'll try as soon as I'm done making my second set of armor.
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    Skullcandy Girl's Armor Progress

    Dang how long did it take? Look at all those numbers, ahaha. Anways, great job! :D
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    Back In Black!

    damn, that must have been hella hard (and hella long to cut etc.), anways, great job, keep up the good work :D
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    post any pics here if you want...

    yup, its supposed to be, lol, i guess this thread is a "do whatever you want here" thing...
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    Keegan's Armor

    It's pretty good, it kinda looks like mine, but mine was a darker kind of green, and A LOT crappier...and I also used permanent marker, lol.
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    post any pics here if you want...

    [attachment=2521:PICT0002.JPG] yeah, it looks kinda funny... Turntables: 2 CDJ MkII Pro Mixer: 1 Numark Mixer MkII Pro
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    Molding question

    So I was thinking about making my 3rd set of armor molded (I finished my 1st pep, and working on my 2nd pep), but I'm just making sure if you have to shape the clay into what it looks like. And also what do you have to do after you're all done with that (like how do you make it stick onto your...
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    Tutorial: Using Bondo for Detailing

    Nope, I tried that with my old suit, and it came out ripping and falling apart when i put it on, so you should harden it with fiberglass.
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    Want To Start My Armor

    (I made mine usin Pep, but messed it up) much does it usually cost to buy all the supplies for molded, seems like a lot to me...I only had to spend about $20-$25 for my Pep supplies. To me, it doesn't really matter which you choose, it depends on how much effort, and how much time...
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    can i still put fiberglass on my suit

    alright...SCREW MY OLD SUIT!!! I'll just make a new one, starting from scratch, and try putting more effort (I was in a hurry before...)I'll probably sell my old suit to someone or just keep it. T_T...
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    can i still put fiberglass on my suit

    Yeah I'll probably do that...but I don't have a credit card to order it, but my friend said that you could use Safeway Gift Cards...can you? ... By the way, the Bell Visor I bought was too wide, and made my helmet wider than usual, so it looks like the 1st Master Chief's armor. I suggest you...
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    can i still put fiberglass on my suit

    If my suit comes out all messed up, i'll let you guys know, and i guess I'll make a new one T_T, by the way, is there a place they sell gold visors (local stores)? Because I could only find clear, and reflective (blue) visors at Pep Boys.
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    can i still put fiberglass on my suit

    Yeah I was kind of in a hurry on Halloween, but can I still put Fiberglass on it? And is it alright if I use adhesive spray instead of the resin?
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    NEW IDEA!!!

    Lol i'll try on my next set of armor. I got the idea because this morning, I ran out of red spraypaint, so I found some chrome Krylon paint. So I just used that. But then I eventually ran out of it. T_T